USJ 9000 Review

If you are suffering from chronic pain then you can pause your searching process for a while and read this review of USJ 9000 Massage Chair.

It can’t be called a perfect one because of its price but you’ll find some of the features which are unique as compared to other massage chair models in this price range.

It is an ideal and classy modern-day massage chair. It is produced using pure manufactured leather which makes it a wonderful experience when you sit in it.

The massage rollers of this chair can give you long massage sessions which can help to relieve stress and can recover from any kind of muscle pain.

Apart from all the good things, the question which comes in the mind of customers whether this chair is worthy enough to spend $$$$ on it?

USJ 9000 Massage Chair Review

S-Track Design and Quad Rollers

The design of this USJ 9000 massage chair is made in a way that benefits the spine. Because of the s-shaped structure, the massage rollers pursue bent track which helps us to lean back on the spine.

Moreover, you can also buy an L Track massage chair of this same model which is beneficial for the massage of thighs to relieve hamstring pain.

The quad rollers of this massage chair are designed in the way which gives the deep massage and gives the same feeling of a specialist hand.

S-Track reversal set is good for people who suffer from lower back pain and nerve aggravation.

3D Body Scanning System

This can’t be found in cheap massage chairs but is quite common in the chairs of this range.

When you lie down on the massage chair the system will automatically scan your body and adjust the quad rollers in the way that they press all pressure points.

If the system fails to do the correct adjustments, then you can adjust the rollers manually too through a touchpad.

These options of automatic and manual adjustments will guarantee that you get a world-class massage which will give you full satisfaction.

Airbags for Full Body Massage

Apart from quad rollers, this massage chair also contains airbags for each body part which will give you a full body massage.

These airbags have once advanced features as compared to rollers, they compress and decompress to give a compression massage which can increase blood circulation.

The airbags are giving pressure to all significant parts of the body including shoulder, arms, neck, back, thighs, feet, wings, etc.

Therapeutic Heat

The users of the massage chair want therapeutic heat feature to be a part of the chair, but this feature is only available in high priced advanced chairs. USJ 9000 has this function in the lumbar area which can be beneficial for the lower back.

Though this massage chair doesn’t have any feature to customize the temperature settings one of the highlights of this Daiwa massage chair is that it gives therapeutic feel which can lead to offer top-notch massage to give alleviation from agonies and stress.

Power Stretch Function

Another extraordinary feature of this massage chair where the airbags do an incredible job is the Power Stretch function.

This exceptional program is a combination of reversal treatment, heat therapy, and external shoulder compression massage.

The performance of Power stretch function which gives the benefit of 3 functions at the same time is extremely viable massage session which the main objective is to make sure that the intensity of lower back pain is decreased.

The heat generated mellows the soft tissues in the lower back, the airbag located in the external shoulder holds the chest area, and the reversal treatment helps to deflate the spinal cord.

All three functions (combined in one function) work with each other for extreme benefit.

Zero Gravity Recline

Zero Gravity seating is another feature of this massage chair. It is called zero gravity recline because when you run this feature, you will feel weightless.

This function puts you in the position that your knees are raised slightly over your heart and the whole body is pressed by the quad rollers which will give a deep, more profound, and fully satisfying massage.

With regards to its high price, USJ massage chair should give at least a 2-3 zero gravity recline position, whereas they’re only giving 1 position.

This lacks a little, but something is better than nothing.

Music System in Massage Chair

The built-in music system in this USJ 9000 massage chair completely changes the experience of people massaging in it.

However, the new advancements available these days such as Bluetooth technology, we believe that the built-in music systems come up little short.

Pair of good speakers are there in the head area of the seat, anticipating the music to your ears so that you can enjoy your massage session even more.

A USB port is also given through which you can add the songs of your choice. You can start/pause and change the song with the help of a remote.

As the music system is functional, you need to do everything manually. Firstly, you need to transfer the songs from your pc to USB and connect it at the back of the chair.

Then you’ve to sort from different songs through the skip track button to run your favorite song.

USJ 9000’s Automatic Massage Functions

  • Recovery process: – An extensive massage function that is ideal for reducing muscle stiffness and develop stress after physical activity. During the program, the seat takes a Zero Gravity position, on the other hand, the airbags changes its position and bend down the hips. Moreover, the lower leg muscles get a delicate massage too.
  • Refreshing process: – Another fortifying massage function that uses quad rollers and airbags to relieve muscle blockage and promote the circulation of blood. This function also bends down the hip and on the other side thumping and rolling quad rollers give a gentle massage to the back.
  • Relaxing process: – This massage chair contains different levels of intensity massages and the intensity massage which is used for the relaxation process is the lowest one specially designed to lower down the physical and mental stress levels. It brings the body in a sleeping position and continues to massage by different rollers and airbags. It massages the whole back and hip area.
  • Extended process: This is a function focused on reversal treatment in which a profound stretch is made all through the hip area which eventually makes the person flexible and reduces stress level. A reversal treatment uses airbags to hold up chest area, whereas the leg area moves a little bit lower to bring the legs down for a stretch. You can set up timings of a massage session, but at the max massage session can be 45 mins.

USJ 9000 Customization

Once you’ve chosen the body part for the massage, you can pick the range of massage rollers.

The range varies between 3 options.

  • Whole: – This function massages the whole body
  • Partial: – This function restricts the massage lower to any one part of the body, and directions can be changed through the arrows of the remote.
  • Point: – The rollers move on a point of the back selected by you and you can move it through remote control.

USJ 9000 Improvements

Some of the improvements which can be done are listed below:

  • Bluetooth feature should be added as it’s a latest and standard technology
  • Changing of temperature should be available as per customer needs.
  • At least add 2 more recline positions of zero-gravity seating.

Though USJ 9000 massage chair has some exceptional features but we have mixed feelings regarding this chair.

Though anyone would like this model, the features are not enough on the given price tag. For the people who suffer from chronic pain, this chair is very beneficial.

The powerful stretch feature is one of the most liked features who has investigated this massage chair.

In the end, it’s a good chair but it can be made better by doing some improvements which we mentioned in the article above.

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