Titan Massage Chair Review

If you’ve been into massage chairs, you must be aware of Titan: a brand that makes many things and those things include lush, executive class massage chairs.

There are different schools of thought when it comes to massage chair’s shape and appearance – one is of those who want their massage chairs to look like massage chairs while others would love if they can use a massage chair for multiple uses e.g. executive office chair, home theatre recliner and lounge chair, etc.

Titan makes the second kind of massage recliners and they are appreciated because they blend so well with other furniture at home/workplace.

In this post, we will review 6 best Titan massage chairs that you can find on Amazon.

Titan Massage Chairs Review [Top Picks]

Titan Apex AP-Pomp Massage Chair

Apex AP-Pomp is a zero-gravity massage chair from Titan and it features a whole lot of essential features that you expect from a good recliner. In terms of track, zero-gravity mode, and many other basic features, it is on par with the standard set by the best massagers.

  • Zero Gravity Mode – Zero gravity mode in massage chairs is inspired by Nasa’s zero-gravity mode that makes the astronauts feel like they have no weight. This mode distributes your weight evenly across your body.
  • L-Track Design – This massager is equipped with an L-track … these roller tracks are much better and advanced than the S-tracks. It is because while S-track is made only to cater to the message-related needs of the neck and spine, L-track covers hips and uppers legs as well.
  • Heat Therapy – This massage chair has also covered heat massage therapy for you. It could have been good to have it for neck, shoulders, and legs too, but just like the majority of massage recliners, this one also offers heat massage only in the lumbar area. The source of heat is heating pads.
  • Foot Rollers – Just like any other standard massage chair, this one also covers your feet and calves’ area. There are foot rollers under the integrated ottoman/footrest and they have a barrel-like shape with knobs on the outside. The rollers move and the knobs give you a deep penetrating kneading massage right under your feet.
  • Space-Saving Design – You can use the zero gravity mode without taking a lot of space – the chair glides on its pedestal and saves space.


  • L-Track
  • Heat Massage
  • Unique Foot Rollers
  • Body Scan


  • Heat Massage only in Lumbar Area
  • Too Expensive

Titan TPPRO8400D Massage Chair

In case you are not fully satisfied with the level of luxury that you enjoy with the AP-Pomp, the luxurious look, and feel of this chair will definitely win your heart. It is made for those who want to enjoy all the features of a premium massage chair in an executive class chair that will complement your workplace or home.

  • L-Track – This one also comes with an L-track and pretty standard rollers that you will find in every Titan massage chair. While some people will say that L-track is just an extension of S-track, it actually covers a bigger area and improves your massage experience.
  • Heat Therapy – On the back of this massage chair there are heating pads that take care of your lower back. Personally, I prefer heating pads to hot air technology, because they offer a more intense heat massage.
  • Feet & Calves’ Massage – The calf and foot area that you find missing in case of many massage chairs and others just halfheartedly do it, is not neglected in case of this one. There are airbags that perform compression massage and the foot rollers that apply pin-point kneading massage to the bottom of your feet.
  • Computer Body Scan – This chair has a computerized body scan feature; when someone sits on it, the chair gets a complete body scan and devises an auto-mode as per the case.
  • Zero Gravity – This chair has also got a zero-gravity mode just like the abovementioned one, and just like the previously reviewed chair, this one also saves the space while going into ZG mode.


  • L-Track
  • Detailed Feet & Calves’ Massage
  • Zero Gravity Mode
  • Heat Therapy


  • No 3D Rollers
  • Heat Massage only for Lumbar Area

Titan Pro-Alpha Massage Chair

As the name suggests, this is Titan’s flagship massage chair (or one of them), and it is because of advanced features like Bluetooth connection, memory function, and better arm design, etc. It is the stunning mix of what Titan was already offering in form of the kind of chairs that I have reviewed above and what Titan found missing and tried to introduce in the “alpha” version.

  • New Arm Design – The new arm design lets you rest your arms in an easier and more natural posture, and provides relief to your fatigue-stricken arms.
  • L-Track Roller – This one also comes with an L-track roller. The intensity of massage rollers in an L-track massage chair is totally different than that in an S-track chair.
  • 4 Types of Massage Techniques – While there are not many manual massage techniques, luckily this massage recliner has got 4 most important massage modes such as Shiatsu, kneading, tapping and a combo of them. There are 6 auto-massage techniques as well.
  • Memory Function – Speaking of unique features and why this chair is so different, one cannot omit the memory function. This chair is capable of remembering your customized massage options and settings – the next time you sit on it, you can get the same massage without having to customize it again.
  • Bluetooth Speaker Connection – Another feature that you’d miss in many other massage chairs made by Titan. Well, music is in itself a therapy and it can be just perfect to have a Bluetooth speaker in your massage chair. This way you can enjoy your favorite music while enjoying a deep massage.
  • Lumbar Heat Pads – This chair also features lumbar heat pads. I always prefer heat pads to hot air devices, because pads offer more direct and intense heat.


  • Memory Function
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • L-track
  • Auto and Manual Massage Modes


  • Insufficient Manual Massage Modes
  • Airbags Lack of Good Pressure

Titan TP-Lucas C Massage Chair

Titan Lucas does not have the same level of luxury and comfort that you experience in the case of Titan Pro-Alpha. However, if you compare to other Titan chairs that I’ve reviewed so far, this massage recliner offers a greater level of massage satisfaction and luxury. It offers everything that they offer and then some.

  • L-Track – Titan Lucas also comes with an L-track roller; as a matter of fact, it is more expensive than Alpha and it is not only because of added features but also because of its L-track roller gives more intensive massage.
  • Zero Gravity – Not only the chair is equipped with Zero Gravity modes, but the premium feature of Titan chairs too: the glide feature. The chair glides on its pedestal, taking you in the realm of ZG while saving the space.
  • Calf and Foot Massage – With this chair you can have a calf only massage if you need it. The airbags in that area provide a compression massage to your calves. For feet, it has standard Titan rollers that work under your feet and provides a deep kneading massage.
  • Heat Therapy – Just like all other Titan massage chairs this one also provides a heated massage via heating pads. There is no information about their location either on Amazon listing or on Titan website, but it can be said being on the safe side that they’re placed in the lumbar area
  • Body Scan – This machine also has the body scan function – it scans each unique user’s body and devises an auto massage out of 7 auto programs.
  • Bluetooth Speaker – This one does not have all the functions of Alpha, but definitely includes the Bluetooth speaker. Massage + music is the best therapy that you can get.


  • Calf & Foot Dedicated Massage
  • Heat Therapy
  • L-Track
  • Body Scan


  • Heat only for Lumbar Area
  • No Memory Function

Titan TI7700D Massage Chair

Titan TI7700D is a far cry from mediocre massage chairs made by the same company. You can consider it a rival of Alpha and Lucas and their likes. It features premium features like outer shoulder massage, hip and seat vibration (missing in even best versions of Titan) and spot massage feature.

  • Foot & Calf Massage – Just like all Titan massage chairs, this one also caters to feet and calves’ massage. The foot rollers are placed in the bottom of the footrest and they give a deep kneading massage, while the calves are served by air compression massage.
  • S-track Roller System – Unfortunately, this chair does not have an L-track massage roller. It has an S-track roller system which is definitely not as good as L-track, but it takes care of your spine which is where you need a massage badly.
  • Outer Shoulder Massage – This is where this massage recliner delivers better than others – it takes full care of your neck and spine and shoulders and arms. The outer shoulder massage is very crucial for those that have problems in that area.
  • Hip & Seat Vibration – Hip and seat vibration does not replace an L-track that takes care of hips and upper legs, but it is a considerably good alternative for a bigger track.
  • Low Lumbar Heat Massage – Just like all other Titan massagers, this one also provides heat massage where it is needed the most. And it is done via heat pads that work better than hot air.
  • Different Auto & Manual Massages – There are in total 11 auto and manual massages that encapsulate all major massage techniques, types and natures e.g. kneading, tapping, shiatsu, relaxation – you name it.


  • Outer Shoulder Massage
  • Hip & Seat Vibration
  • 11 Massage Programs and Techniques
  • Foot & Calf Massage


  • S-Track
  • No Body Scanning

Titan TI-Cloud Massage Chair

If we take things a little far from the luxury side and more to the minimalist design side, you’d love the Titan TI-Cloud massage chair.

It has looked more like your minimalist and smart home theatre or lounge chair, but at the same time, it cuts all the space that whole-body massage chairs take.

It is Titan’s attempt at making massage chairs that work perfectly, but do not look so heavy or big.

  • Genuine Italian Leather – To give this massage recliner a plush lounge recliner’s look and feel, they redid the design and the materials. This one is upholstered in genuine Italian leather.
  • Built-in Speakers – With built-in speakers and a dedicated audio control panel, you can enjoy your massage with a mix of your kind of music. You can use your iPod or mobile phone, connect with the massager and start enjoying your favorite music immediately.
  • Vibration Massage Therapy – Since this chair is an attempt at the minimalist model of a massage recliner, it does not have advanced tracks or rollers, etc. All you have is a vibration massage.
  • 3 Levels of Intensity – While it is bad that we cannot choose from other types of massage, it is good that we can choose the level of intensity. There are 3 levels of it and you can choose one as per your requirement.
  • Zero Gravity – This chair, as basic as it is, still lets you enjoy zero gravity mode. This is something that you’d most likely miss in any other minimalist massage chair.
  • Auto Recline – Apart from zero gravity, there is this auto-recline mode. As soon as you opt for an intensity level and choose from other options, this chair auto reclines and so saves chronic back pain patients from using manual force.
  • Customize Massage in 4 Body Parts – Lastly, you can customize how this massage chair should offer massage to your 4 different body parts.


  • Vibration Massage
  • Zero Gravity
  • Music System
  • 3 Levels of Intensity


  • Not a Full Body Massage Chair
  • Very Basic Massage Options

Our Verdict

Before I tell you as to which one of these massage chairs is the best – to the best of my knowledge, here is a little table to understand them.

And here it the verdict …

  • Titan Pro-Alphaheat, zero gravity, L-track, memory, blue-tooth speakers and better arm design

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