Pure Wave CM5 Reviews

The Pure Wave CM5 Massager is an amazing gadget that is made in a way to decrease the stress after extraordinary exercises. The variety of massage types should be appreciated.

This massager can help to deal with different issues of shoulder stiffness, neck aches, foot pain and is exceptionally helpful in the treatment of joint pain and relieving weight on ligaments.

One thing which users adore about this massager is its design. You can carry it while traveling, as you can keep it in your bag. Whenever u feel laziness, you can utilize it by setting your massager to any intensity level you want.

Pure Wave CM5 Massager Review

This massager is effective to lower the pressure from muscles. It is made in a way that works discreetly with the least vibration to produce the best outcomes.

It consists of a powerful battery that works for at least 7-8 days. You can use it to decrease your pain caused by any injury or muscle pull.  This massager is capable to perform massage for multiple body parts.


The problem of back pain is faced by students and workers who’re sitting the whole day working on their laptops. Pure-Wave CM5 massager helps to relieve back pain but for that, you must spend a good amount of money to buy it. It can also help you to lower down stress from muscle stiffness.


The facial massager helps to treat sinus problems and improve the circulation of blood and cure the wrinkles from the face and remove dark circles under the eye. This all can be done by a face massager

Neck and Shoulders

Women face stiff neck and shoulder issues because of sitting periods. This problem can be solved, or at least they can get some relief through this Pure Wave CM5 massager on selected parts.

Benefits of Pure Wave CM5 Massager

Different Massaging Heads

This Pure Wave CM5 massager contains 3 multiple massaging heads, each of those have their special uses and ways of application.

The Six Header Stick

This feature performs deep tissue massage which helps to increase the circulation of blood, increase the speed of recovery, and lower down muscle pain caused by injuries or muscle pull. This massager is very helpful for people suffering from lower back pain as it reduces muscle soreness from the back.

The Air Cushion Stick

If you’re looking for a soft and calming massage to invigorate your muscles, then this massager feature will do exactly what you want. It has the power to give you the most delicate massage with the slightest of touch which will increase your comfort level. It helps to relieve muscle and tendon pain.

The Point Stick

This feature is specially designed in a way that gives you pain relief from just specific points of your body. Opens the knot of muscles which is caused by muscle stiffness and influences far below your muscles

Cordless Structure and Strong Battery

This model is designed in a way that required no cord. The problem of connecting to a power socket to run massagers is finished by the Pure Wave brand. This CM5 massager is a cordless one that can be utilized both indoor and outdoor. You can continuously have a 3-hour massage if the battery is fully charged because of its powerful 3700RPM battery. If you’re having a massage at different intervals than this battery will last even longer.

Strong Engine

Pure Wave CM5 massager contains a powerful engine that has the capability to provide strong massage sessions because of the 1500-3700 RPM movement of its motor. You won’t find this much intensity in any vibrator massagers too.

Elegant Design

This CM5 massager has one of the best designs a massager can have. Because of its classy design, you can carry it anywhere around the world without shame. It goes a long way past simple style. It has been designed to make sure that it gives the best massage to cure every muscle problem


  • It has a classy and elegant design.
  • Because of its lighter weight and cordless structure, you can easily carry it anywhere around the world.
  • It has a powerful Lithium battery having 2200mah power which can run the device for straight 3 hours without charging. It takes just 60 mins to fully charge the battery.
  • The intensity of the massage can be increased or decreased.
  • It is beneficial for people suffering from back and neck pain. This pain can result in severe migraine problems in the future.
  • This massager doesn’t make any sound while massaging, which won’t disturb anyone around when the motor is running.


  • This massager is hard to understand. Users face difficulty when they’re using this device for the first time.
  • This massager is not able to do facial massage.
  • The battery of Pure Wave CM5 massager cannot be changed.
  • It’s expensive for ordinary people.
  • The high intensity and powerful vibration can cause inconvenience to some clients.

Final Words

No doubt this Pure Wave CM5 massager is an expensive one but is worth every single money because of its unique features.

It is a good device to own and carry with yourself anywhere you go as it can give you relief on the very second, you’re facing any sort of pain.

Many users are taking advantage of this great massager and you can invest some money to buy this amazing gadget too.

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