Portable Massage Chair

What if every proposition and supposition starts with a what if. So, what if you are someone who’s always on move?

What if you do not stay in one city or one home for more than a few weeks or months? What if you are a traveler or your job requires you to move from one to another place?

And what if you need a good massage chair for medical purposes or just because you love a quick massage at the end of every day?

This is why we bring to you 6 best portable massage chairs! Yes, you can pack one of these top portable massage chairs in a duffel-like portable bag and take it wherever you go.

Without further ado, here is the review:

6 Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews [Top Picks]

Best Massage High-Density Foam Massage Chair 

Best Massage is the name of the company that makes these chairs. These chairs are made with the high-density sponge and the heavy-duty metal frame is used in making these chairs.

Here is what we think of the pros and cons of this product.


  • Thick High-Density Foam
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Frame
  • Flexible Headrest
  • Multi-purpose Chair


  • Wobbly Seat
  • Seat so Close to Bar

As you might have learned of these chairs; they are made for manual massage and not for the mechanical or electronic ones. Here is our take on each of the cons.

  • Whatever little problems this massage chair has, they are all linked to the seat. The biggest problem faced by a few customers is that the seat is wobbly and it keeps shifting one’s body weight from one side to another side.
  • The other problem with the seat is that by a design fault or whatever reason, the seat was designed to be so close to the metal bar, that one cannot enjoy a fulfilling and easy sitting experience. However, this problem was only reported by very few customers.

And this was all about cons. Here is what you need to know about the pros.

  • This chair is one of the highest density foam chairs. Because of very good padding and the quality of foam used in this chair, a person sitting on this chair does not feet the metal frame. The thickness is 2.5”; you know that this is the kind of thickness that sleeping mates come with.
  • The heavy-duty metal frame is used in the making of this chair. It is because of this heavy-duty metal frame that someone with as much as 300 Lbs. weight can sit on this chair without causing any type of issues to the chair. Its high gloss powder-coated finish protects it from rust.
  • Since this chair comes without any clearly intended purpose, it can be used for any of them and this is why the headrest is flexible. It cradles your head and supports your neck with an adjustable design. Whether you need this as a massage chair or tattoo chair, salon chair, or for any other purpose, you can always adjust the headrest as per your requirements.
  • It is a multipurpose chair. You can use it for so many different purposes. As mentioned above, it can be used for purposes like massage, tattooing, spa, and many others. Adjustability is the key here. You can increase or decrease the height of the massage chair and you can easily dismantle, pack in an Oxford duffle (included), go to any other city or location, and assemble the chair.


Would you like to buy one of the few portable massage chairs on Amazon that won 100+ positive reviews? Well, EARTHLITE’s VORTEX portable massage chair has some of the most promising features.

Here’s our take on the pros and cons.


  • Lightest Chair in the Market – 15lbs
  • Dual Density Prolite Cushioning & Natursoft Upholstery
  • Adjustable Headrest & Seat Adjustments
  • Sternum Pad for Extra Comfort


  • Problem with Headrest Adjustment
  • Not Made for Obese People


The cons seem to be confusing, let us talk about the cons and see what the problem really is.

  • The first issue is with the headrest’s adjustments. The headrest is fully adjustable and you can adjust the way you want, but the screw or knob to apply an adjustment is not of premium quality. Because of a loose screw or knob, most of the people do not enjoy a zero movement head adjustment.
  • The other point is even more difficult to understand. When we say that this chair is not made for obese people, we’re not only talking about the body’s mass, but also of its weight.

This chair is one of the lightest ones in the market and with only 15lbs weight (lightweight material) it cannot bear a very heavyweight man or a woman. As per our understanding north of 250lbs is all that it can easily handle.

Now here is everything about pros.

  • With only 15lbs weight, this is the lightest chair in the market. It can easily be packed in a duffel bag (comes with it) and taken from one to another place. It has an innovative oval frame made from forged aluminum, that even distributes one’s body mass.
  • With dual-density Prolite pads and Natursoft upholstery (one that is specially used in spas and massage parlor furniture), you rest assured that you would experience the best possible level of comfort – one that EARTHLITE calls a buttery soft experience.
  • Headrest and seats can be adjusted as per the requirement. There are multiple faces, arm and head adjustments that you or your caretaker may choose from depending on whether this chair is needed for a spa, massage parlor, your own lounge or tattoo clinic. Size does not matter, because you can make adjustments as per the size of the person who will use this chair.
  • There is a triangular sternum pad that can be used in various different ways and apart from EARTHLITE there are only a few other chairs in the market that offer a sternum pad like that. The pad can be used for extra support and comfort: for example in the case of pregnancy.

Therapist’s Choice Therabuilt Apex Massage Chair 

The therapist’s Choice is a company that makes Therabuilt Apex portable massage chairs and other products.

This is one of the few massage chairs with 100+ reviews and confirmed sales on Amazon. Here is what we think of the pros and cons of this chair.


  • 5lbs Massage Chair with 250lbs Working Weight Capacity
  • Plush 3.5” Inches Foam
  • Adjustable Chair with Adjustable Face/Head Cradle
  • Easy to Assemble and Carry with a Carry Bag


  • Very Limited Adjustments
  • Cheap Plastic Knobs

Well, there is a reason why irrespective of 106 sales the Amazon customers rated this product 3.7/5-stars.

Let us try to understand the reason by discussing the cons.

  • The first issue is that unlike EARTHLITE and Best Massage’s massage chairs, this one is not just as adjustable as it sounds. More or less, the adjustments are only available for face cradle/headrest and for other parts, except legs.
  • The screws and knobs that you use to make adjustments, especially in case of face cradle, aren’t up to the mark. Mostly they are made of cheap plastic and which do not give an easy feeling when you try to use them.

This was mostly all about cons; however, it is important to mention that these cons are only reported by a few customers, and the only thing that we can confirm is the lack of adjustment options.

Here’s the detail about the pros.

  • The weight of this massage chair is 18.5lbs; yes, it is heavier than the previous massage chair and it is made of heavy metal. But it can bear a weight of 250lbs and some more depending on the physique of the user.
  • All the foam on all pads, including the seat, is 3.5” thick. It is worthy to mention here that while this chair is not on par with Best Massage’s portable massage chair (with 160+ positive reviews and “Amazon’s Choice” tag), it provides 3.5” cushioning while Best Massage chair had only 2.5” of that.
  • While there might be questions about how adjustable actually is this chair and what level of adjustment one enjoys, there is no denying that this is an adjustable massage or spa chair. With just a swift turn of a knob and moving some other parts the chair is good for a new person with different body measurements – hardly take two to three minutes.
  • This chair is one of the sturdiest and most durable chairs – owing to that to its material. For the same reason, assembling, dismantling, and moving this chair from one to another place is super easy. With an Oxford carry bag, this becomes super easy and quick.

Royal Massage Ataraxia Massage Chair 

Ataraxia is one of those chairs that are known for being spa and massage friendly chairs. It is little attention to detail that makes this chair super easy and good for massage and spa business.

Why? Because it is oil resistant. Here are all the pros and cons.


  • Oil Resistant and Waterproof Faux Leather Upholstery
  • Solid and Noise-free Steel Frame
  • Easy to adjust and pack
  • Quick Release Lock System & Tool-Free Assembly


  • Narrow Seat
  • Substandard Carry Case

Ataraxia’s massage chair has a few promising features and very few cons – just like you notice in case of almost every product. Let us take a look at the cons first.

  • The first and foremost problem is what has been reported only by very few customers. This massage chair’s seat is a very narrow one. Firstly, it’s structure would not bear the weight of an obese person, and secondly, even if it did, the narrow seat would not be able to provide them any comfort.
  • The other problem is not with the product itself, but the carry case that comes with it. In a wrong judgment call and a futile effort of saving money, the company manufactured a faulty carry case. A few customers have reported how their carry case’s strap came off or how substandard was the zip.

Anyways, apart from these two cons (only one of which is related to the product), there is really nothing to whine about.

And here are the pros of this product.

  • The upholstery on this massage chair is faux leather and the purpose behind choosing faux leather is to make this a massage parlor and spa friendly chair. Irrespective of how many different oils, perfumes and lotions etc. are used, the massager can wipe them with one swift move.
  • This portable massage chair is not a cheap material massage chair. It is made of sturdy and heavy-duty steel so it would even bear the weight of an obese person. With its versatile body frame and the built quality, the Ataraxia massage chair evenly distributes the body mass.
  • Another perk of using Ataraxia is that it is very easy to adjust and pack. Assembling and packing this massage chair is super easy and swift. There are many versatile positions that you can choose from and adjust this chair to. From headrest/face cradle to seat’s height to arms and legs, you can choose from many adjustments.
  • Two unique selling propositions of this chair are quick release lock system and tool-free assembly. With a seat like this, the permanent position is packed and dismantled one; the quick release lock mechanism can be activated which will quickly pack the chair, and due to its slip-free footing, the chair will never slip while in quick-release phase.

Another amazing thing is tool-free assembly; if you’re sick and tired of screws and knobs of these portable massage chairs, then get this one. Its tool-free assembly enables you to quickly assemble the chair without using a single tool.

EARTHLITE Avila II Portable Chair 

If you were reading this review or if you already have a portable chair that you want to exchange, but you are not much happy with the quality of the carry cases, you would love a high-quality portable massager with a wheel roller case.

Here’s our version of the pros and cons.


  • 350lbs Maximum Working Weight
  • Comes with Wheel Roller Case
  • Fully Adjustable Portable Massage Chair
  • Chest Pad with Sternum Straps and Removable Pads


  • 22lbs Fairly Heavy Chair
  • Non-adjustable Seat

The cons of this chair are a mixed bag of everything. Let us take a closer look at these cons to properly understand them.

  • Well, definitely 22lbs is pretty much heavy massage chair, but there is nothing that you can do about the weight of a portable massage chair. The maximum working weight of this chair is 350lbs; to bear this much weight, it needed to be a very sturdy and heavy chair. So yes, it is!
  • Unfortunately, one or two customers on Amazon believe that this chair is adjustable in terms of all parts except where it matters the most: the seat. If a seat is not adjustable then a chair will fail to host someone who is taller or shorter than average people. Anyone around 5 and around 6 would not have much luck.


The good news is that this opinion comes from only a few customers. The pros of this chair are really promising. Here is a breakdown of the pros.

  • Due to its heavy-duty carbon frame (22lbs), this chair can bear a weight of roughly 350lbs. That is the high working weight of this chair and the material used in making this chair is a carbon composite one. The beauty of carbon fiber is that while it is stronger and sturdier than metal; it weighs less than that.
  • The big reveal! Avila is the only chair in this review and as far as we can see on the Amazon as well, which does not come with a duffel or carry bag, but with a wheel roller case. Just put your portable chair in the case and take it wherever you want. The nylon carry case has urethane wheels: known for longevity and performance.
  • While there are certain differences of opinion in terms of the adjustability of the seat, there is no doubt that this is one fully adjustable massage chair. The armrest and face cradle are at least 100% adjustable. They call this an “indefinitely adjustable” and stable chair.
  • While talking of comfort and adjustability, one must mention the chest pad that comes with a sternum strap and slides and tilts in all 4 directions as per the need. The reinforced chest clamps stop this pad from moving astray. All other pads on this chair are 100% removable, washable, and if needed, replaceable as well.

STRONGLITE Ergo Pro II Massage Chair 

With 90+ positive reviews and Amazon’s Choice tag, STRONGLITE Ergo Pro II is one of the best and most lightweight portable massage, spa, and tattoo chairs in this list.

It comes in an extraordinarily strong and rugged nylon carry case and many interesting features that you will not find in other massage chairs.

Here is our take on the pros and cons.


  • 24lbs Heat Treated Aluminum Alloy with 600lbs Max Working Weight
  • Fully Adjustable Chair for People from 4.6” to 6.6”
  • Offset Nylon Wheels for Ease of Movement
  • Comes with Really Good Accessories


  • Squeaking Sound
  • Substandard Armrest

In our brief examination and vetting of this massage chair, we only found one major issue and that is squeaking sound. However, we are sharing details of both of the objections that customers of these chairs put forth on Amazon.

  • There is something wrong with the armrest, legs, and chest pad’s joints because when a therapist tries their hand on a client sitting in this chair, there comes a constant squeaking noise. While we know that it is because of poorly built or applied joints, there is no real or “anti-massage” impact of this squeaking sound.
  • The other problem that we’re going to discuss now is that of the substandard armrest. Armrest, for some reason and for one or two clients only, does not perform well. Its weight-bearing capacity does not seem to be on par with the maximum working weight mentioned in the description.

So, this was all about the cons. Here is everything you’d love to know about the very unique pros of this product.

  • The biggest miracle of this chair is that it is just an aluminum alloy chair with 24lbs weight, but it can bear a maximum working weight as much as 600lbs. Now, this is a record as far as all the chairs we’ve seen here and on Amazon, are concerned. The highest any other chair can do is 500lbs.
  • This is a fully adjustable chair and a person from height 4.4” to 6.6” can sit in this chair. What features make it so adjustable? Well, for starters this chair allows you to remove the knee rest for better positioning, then it has telescopic legs that you can optimize for required seat height, and the chest pad is fully moveable and adjustable. However, the most important are the angles on which face cradle can be adjusted.
  • One of the biggest advancements in terms of design is to attach nylon wheels to the legs of the chair. These wheels can be offset when the chair is being used and in case you want to move it to another corner or space nearby, just get the wheels ready to do this.
  • Last, but not the least, there are some accessories that this massage chair comes with and they are all appreciable. First and foremost of them is rugged ballistic nylon carry case that cannot be compared to other carry cases. The heavy-duty zipper and padded strap of that bag exude longevity. And then there is a valuables pouch so you can keep your valuables safe while moving.

Our Verdict

Before we tell you as to which one of these chairs is the best, here is a table to help you see the difference.

  • Ergo Pro II – because this is the sturdiest massage chair for having a working weight of 600lbs and innovative features like nylon wheels

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