Panasonic Massage Chairs

Panasonic is a big name in electronics and other consumer goods industries; people trust Panasonic’s products.

Because they are durable, stylish, sleek, and with little to no performance issues – not to mention the variety of features that these products offer.

However, You might have not thought of Panasonic making massage chairs. Well, Panasonic was definitely not into massage products business, until massage chairs started to look less like chairs and more like electric chairs for execution.

And this is what this review is all about; I’m going to review 5 best Panasonic massage chairs for you and explain the yuck and yum of these chairs.

Panasonic MA73 Real Pro Ultra

If you incline more towards luxurious executive office material massage chairs and less towards just massage chairs – with limited features, this one is would have you misty-eyed. The upholstery is though not made of real leather, this synthetic leather looks like real one.

Here is the detail about other features.

  • 6 Preset Auto Programs – Just like all other high-quality massage recliners – like other models made by Panasonic – this one also comes equipped with a combo of auto and manual massage programs. Here are the 6 auto-massage programs that you get with this massage recliner:
  • Junestu Ultra Kneading
  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading
  • Swedish
  • Rolling
  • Tapping
  • Manual Programs – As the term suggests, the manual programs are those that you make yourself with combining one or another auto programs and techniques such as kneading, tapping and rolling, etc. There are different areas that you can address in the manual massage and even focus on a particular pain point e.g. lumbar.
  • Heated Massage Rollers – Unlike the two previously reviewed massage recliners, this one seems to be checking all the boxes. For example, it has heated massage rollers that replicate the warm touch of a masseuse’s hands. These massage rollers have 3 intensity settings.
  • Body Scan – Like all top of the link massage recliners, this one is also capable of 3D body scan. When any of your family member or any other person including you sit in this recliner, the 3D sensor takes a scan of their body’s unique built. And the user gets a massage tailored to their unique spinal contour.
  • A True Executive Armchair – When we say that all those faux leather and plush massage recliners with executive looks can be used as an armchair, office chair or just a cinema recliner at home, no other massage recliner falls within that description as good as this one does. When not in a massage mood, put on the ultra-plush headpiece, fold armrests upside down and the ottoman inwards to make it look like a just any armchair.

And here are some of the problems that we found.

  • No Zero Gravity – Now that’s a shocker; a massage recliner so good that it beats the previous 2 recliners, and attention to details so sharp that they made it a two in one product (massage recliner + armchair), but they opted to not add a feature that no big and executive massage recliner can miss out on.
  • Can be Painful to Tall People – This problem has been reported by one or two customers, but this massage recliner seems to be small for tall people. When they try to sit and fit in there in order to have a proper backbone massage, some metal bar with no padding on it at all (only covered by upholstery), digs into the back and hurts it.
What we liked
  • 6 Auto Programs
  • Manual Programs
  • Heated Massage Rollers
  • Body Scan
What We didn't like
  • No Zero Gravity
  • Can be Painful to Tall People

Bottom Line – This one massage recliner by Panasonic is a taunt at mediocrity and a brave effort to revolutionize the industry with that two-in-one innovative feature. It basically checks all the boxes while it gets flawed by little design mistakes and a clear blunder when they decided to exclude zero gravity positioning.


Panasonic Real Pro Ultra EP-MA70CX

If you wish you buy a pretty standard quality massage recliner that neither lacks basic features nor forces you to break the bank, then this is the massage recliner to go for. It comes with options like heated rollers – something that you don’t get with one or two other recliners on this list.

Here is the detail of all the important features.

  • 3D Massage Rollers – The 3D massage rollers are considered the most advanced massage roller technology and it is only surpassed by so-called 4D massage rollers. These rollers make a Y shape and from one point of detachment, they detach from each other, go into 3 different dimensions and come back offering your back and neck muscles a relaxing massage.
  • Heated Rollers – Unlike a few massage recliners on this list, this one is not without a much-needed heat massage feature. The heated rollers in this recliner work better than heat pad because they move in all dimensions and offer something like a hot-stone therapy.
  • 6 Preset Auto Programs – Just like the rest of the good quality massage recliners, this one also comes with 6 auto massage programs. They are preset and all you have to do is pick one as per your preferences. Some of those 6 programs are deep, shiatsu, hip and other types of massages.
  • 6 Manual Precision Programs – Just like other massager recliners from Panasonic, this one also has got 8 manual massage programs. Here is the list of these manual programs.
  • Ultra Kneading
  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading
  • Swedish and others

You can use two or more in unison to make a unique program and enjoy that. The manual programs offer you the freedom to have a customized massage.

  • Body Scan Technology – Like many high-end massage recliners, this one also has a body scan technology. It will scan your or any other user’s body the moment they sit on this chair. Then the chair will offer a customized massage tailored to their unique body shape.

And here are some of the problems that I found.

  • No Zero Gravity Mode – While this massage recliner seems to be a new perfect product from Panasonic (heat massage + 3D rollers + body scan + auto and manual massage programs), it fails to offer a very basic and important feature: zero gravity mode.
  • Too Expensive – This massage recliner brings value to your life; there is no denying that, but at the expense, this value comes is the real issue. In our opinion, for its value, this chair demands more money.
What we liked
  • 3D Massage Rollers
  • Heated Rollers
  • 6 Auto Massage Programs
  • 6 Manual Massage Programs
What We didn't like
  • No Zero Gravity
  • Too Expensive

Bottom Line – It is definitely a very good massage chair judging by its features, but the problem starts where you get heated massager rollers, but you do not get zero gravity mode.


Panasonic EP1285KL Leather Massage Chair

If you want a simple massage chair and you do not fall for those electronic massage chairs that look like as if they will transform you into a superhuman, then this massage recliner is absolutely for you.

Let us take a look at its most important features:

  • Approved by ACA – This is the first chair, not only by Panasonic but by any other massage chair manufacturer, to win ACA approval for outstanding deep tissue massage and relief thereon.
  • 4 Pre-set Programs – This machine offers you 4 automatic or pre-set programs. Each of these programs tailors a different type of massage for your body – as per the different types of situations.

The programs are as follows:

  • Shiatsu – It is a Japanese massage model based on a holistic approach to healing the body.
  • Swedish – This type of massage is pretty popular because it includes movements of hands, elbows, and forearms to penetrate into different levels of muscles and provide a deep massage.
  • Chiropractic/Mode – Chiropractic massage is a holistic massage therapy known to improve one’s overall health and muscles’ strength. It does not only affect one’s body but the mind as well.
  • Quick Mode - In case you are not into a wholesome massage (that takes time), you can enjoy a quick massage with a quick massage mode.
  • 8 Manual Massage Programs – Apart from 4 auto massages, you can opt for 8 manual ones – the movements used to make auto massages. Here you enjoy one technique at a time.
  • Kneading
  • Compression
  • Swedish
  • Hawaiian
  • Full Roll
  • Regional Roll
  • Soft Shiatsu
  • Tapping
  • Air Ottoman System – In this massage chair, in the feet area, the airbags ottoman with 14 airbags, works like a magic with compression, and provides you comfort in areas like upper legs, hips, lower legs, feet, and calves.
  • Controlled Power Recline – While, unfortunately, this massage recliner does not come with a zero-gravity mode, you can use the controlled power recline to customize your tilt and tilt back (or forth) to a certain limit. At least they tried to compensate for no zero gravity position.

And here are some of the problem areas.

  • No Zero Gravity Mode – Okay, even the most adamant deniers of zero gravity mode would admit that it has at least two main benefits: it distributes your body’s weight across the entire chair and it boosts the blood flow to the brain. Zero gravity has become a part and parcel of a massage chair, so much so that having one position is not considered enough. This one does not even have one zero gravity mode/position. Definitely a big flaw.
  • Substandard Materials – A handful of customers have complained of the materials used in this making of this chair. Not only the “brushed aluminum” material is substandard, but also the upholstery does not hold up pretty well. However, there is a fair chance that these two or three complaints are isolated cases.
What we liked
  • 4 Pre-set Programs
  • 8 Manual Programs
  • Air Ottoman System
  • Controlled Power Recline
What We didn't like
  • No Zero Gravity Mode
  • Substandard Material

Bottom Line – This seems to be a good massage chair with a very diverse range of automatic and manual massage options. Then there is air ottoman with 14 airbags that takes good care of feet and legs area. The problems are mainly a complete lack of zero gravity and heat mode.


Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro Ultra

Every person thinks differently about their massage chairs; some of the functionality and a sleek design matter a lot. They don’t have enough space, but many of us want a complete body massage chair that would work as a movie-watching chair as well as an executive chair. Well, this one is that kind of massage recliner.

Here are the most promising features of this chair.

  • Junetsu Massage – This massage recliner loosens your muscles with the Junetsu massage technique. The movements of Junetsu style really help people who need help for tight neck and shoulder muscles as well as tensions and stress in the upper back.
  • Massage Styles – The massage heads in this machine replicate the human massage movements. For example, I’ve just mentioned Junetsu, but apart from Junetsu, this massager’s precision heads can also replicate Shiatsu, Swedish and other styles that I’ve explained above.
  • Five Preset Programs – There is fiver very soothing and calming, whole-body massage programs that come preset. You can call them auto-programs that you can choose from. These massage programs are more or less the same that previously reviewed chair also includes
  • 8 Manual Massage Programs – Apart from the preset or auto-programs that you can choose from, this chair includes 8 manual massage programs as well. They’re also, more or less, the same as explained in the review of the above-mentioned massage recliner. These modes include, but aren’t limited to, kneading, tapping, grasping, and arm and palm massage.
  • Zero Gravity Modes – While there is no mention of this either on Amazon’s listing or Panasonic’s website, the images and reviews suggest that this massage recliner has zero gravity mode. There seem to be at least 2 zero gravity positions and this is the least required number of them. Why? Because people can choose the level of zero gravity that suits them the best.

As for the problems, here are a few I could spot.

  • No Heat Massage – While we can thank Panasonics for adding a much-needed massage feature: the zero-gravity mode to this chair, it is worthy to mention here that another very important feature, heat massage is totally missing and this makes it an unfulfilled massage recliner.
  • Arm and Legs – The beauty of this massager is that the harder you recline, the deeper you feel the massage. However, when you just recline or get into the zero-gravity mode, your armrests and ottoman do not move when you recline. So, in a reclined/zero-gravity position, you do not enjoy arm or leg massage.
What we liked
  • Junetsu Massage
  • 5 Auto Massage Programs
  • 8 Manual Massage Programs
  • Zero Gravity Mode
What We didn't like
  • No Heat Massage
  • Armrest and Ottoman do not recline – no massage in a reclined position

Bottom Line – This massage recliner, although has its own flaws like no heat massage, is still way better than the previously reviewed massage chair. It has pretty high standard material and built quality and definitely comes with zero gravity positions.


Panasonic EP-MA10KU Massage Chair

The last feather in this hat; Panasonic’s EP- MA10KU is a full body massage chair with features like advanced S-track rollers, 3D body scan, air massage, and many manual and auto massage programs.

The chair looks just sleek and stylish as all other Panasonic chairs in this review; it is a kind of massager recliner that is aimed at being an armchair, executive chair, and cinema recliner at the same time.

Here is the detail about the features of this product.

  • S-track Design – Now we know that S-track (for massage rollers), is not the latest technology and that SL-track reaches farther than S-track, but let us not forget that S-track is still highly relevant and much better than older tracks and styles.
  • 3D Body Scan – Being a top of the line Panasonic massage recliner, it cannot have that 3D body scan functionality. What that technology does is take a scan of your body when you sit on the chair and provide a massage tailored to your body’s unique contour.
  • Air Massage for Calves & Feet – Although this functionality is limited and with Panasonic’s entirely different approach to this massage, the air massage is still there. With 14 second-generation airbags, all located in feet and calves area, you don’t have to worry about feet and calves massage.

However, unlike other massage recliners, this one from Panasonic does not use any rollers in the feet area; all the massage is based on air compression bags. The 14 airbags take care of your feet and the legs area.

  • 4 Preset Auto-Programs – There are 4 preset auto-massage programs. This type of program does not need tweaking or customization; just pick one of them and enjoy a whole different full body massage. Here is the list of the programs that one can choose from:
  • Deep tissue massage – The first and foremost goal of this massage is to relieve the pain and discomfort of your nerves and muscles.
  • Swedish – As it has been explained above, with firm but gentle strokes, you introduce someone to a medium or long session of massage and the purpose is warm you up – mantra here is deep penetration.
  • Lower Back – Depending on age and fatigue, whether you have a 9 to 5 job or you just got tired due to hauling weight on your shoulders, the first place where you feel the pain is the lower back. This is exactly the reason why this chair has a separate massage program for the lower back.
  • Neck & Shoulder – If you’re trying to find the points where you face stress accumulation and where your nerves and muscles need a lot of help, that is in the neck and shoulder area. This auto massage covers that area.
  • 5 Manual Programs – The purpose of manual programs is to give you the freedom and ensure that you easily customize your own massage by combining different techniques and styles. Here are 5 manual programs that you can choose from.
  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading
  • Neck Knead
  • Rolling
  • Tapping

And here are the problems that we noticed.

  • No Zero Gravity Mode – The biggest mistake Panasonic made in making these massage recliners is of not arming them with zero gravity modes. The matter of fact is that in a world where 1 zero gravity mode is not considered enough, this company makes massagers without a single mode.
  • No Heat Massage – As if it was not a blunder enough to miss out on ZG, Panasonic also didn’t add heat massage feature to this recliner. Neither a heating pad nor the heat rollers – you won’t see any such option in this recliner.
What we liked
  • 4 Auto Massage Programs
  • 5 Manual Massage Programs
  • 3D Body Scan
  • Air Massage for Calves & Feet
What We didn't like
  • No Zero Gravity
  • No Heat Massage

Bottom Line – The good things about this massager chair are many, but their impulsive experimenting ruined a nice massage chair. Take this, not only the air compression bags for feet and calves area work in a conventional way, but you get neither zero gravity nor heat massage.


Before I tell as to which one of the 5 Panasonic massage chairs seems to be best according to my knowledge, here is a table that puts things in perspective.

The best Panasonic massage recliner as per this review is Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro Ultra for having 2 zero gravity mode, plush and stylish executive armchair style, and many other features.

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