OSIM Massage Chairs Review

We all need something to help us relax after a long tiring day of work and going to a spa for a massage daily can get a little expensive.

Let’s introduce you to the best massage chairs which not only are comfortable but also fulfill your requirements. OSIM is a brand that produces massage chairs that are solely made for the benefit of its customers.

These chairs have a unique design that looks good and is also designed for the well-being of the customers. The company has set standards and the chairs are innovative, stylish, and of good quality.

The company’s motive is to provide the best for the people and to look after their physical as well as mental health. OSIM also focuses on the requirements of the customers and fulfills their needs.

So, I’m going to review & discuss the features and also the pros and cons of two of the OSIM massage chairs to help you decide which one is the best for you.

Best OSIM Massage Chairs Review (TOP PICKS)

ULove 2 Massage Chair Review

OSIM’s ULove massage chair is the most innovative piece which provides great relief to your whole body from top to bottom.

This model has different and unique features that make it special from others. It provides the best experience and helps get rid of distress and pain from your body.

What we liked
  • The L-track design for your whole body.
  • Bluetooth which lets you download massage programs.
  • Different intensities according to how you like your massage.
  • Adjustable to your desired position.
What We didn't like
  • Auto timing of 15 minutes.
  • Doesn’t have features f body scanning or zero gravity.

Let’s look into the features of the ULove massage chair and what makes it so special from other models.

V-Hand Massage Technology:

The model comes with V-hand tech that has rollers with 720 degrees radius movement. The v-hand massages like a professional massager to give the best experience to the user. The tech gives an intense massage which helps in reducing the deep-seated knots.

The rollers rotate to 360 degrees both vertically and horizontally and it gives the smoothest massage which really is good for those people who suffer from chronic pain.

Audio System:

This massage chair has built-in audio speakers for the immersive sound experience. The audio system helps your mind free from the thoughts and relaxes the senses. It also includes virtual effects.

Long Track Massage:

The long track massages your body from head to toe, fully covering every inch of your body, providing satisfaction by massaging the point that is most in need and are in pain.

The ULove Massage chair also offers different massage programs:

  1. A deep comfort session that provides intense massage to reduce deep knots.
  2. A relaxing session that provides comfort to your body from top to bottom.
  3. A session that helps relax your mind and body.
  4. A tender stretch program helps with the motion of your body and flexibility.
  5. A massage for females for firming and toning of the body.

The ULove massage chair provides more than you can imagine in terms of health, comfort, and lifestyle.

The chair is family-friendly and easy to use without any assistance. The chair targets the points to provide you with the best experience.

The full body massage covers your shoulders, neck, and lumber and eases the pain from your body providing you with comfort.


UInfinity Luxe Massage Chair Review

OSIM’s UInfinity Luxe massage chair is the most luxurious and well-built product. For those who work mostly on their feet or those who go jogging or a daily run can benefit a lot from this chair.

The brand always designs what’s best for their customers, not only in terms of comfort but also the design and look of the chairs. It provides the best experience of the head to toe massage.

What we liked
  • Humanized features for full body massage.
  • The zero-gravity feature which alleviates strains and aches.
  • Allows you personalized and customized comfort and features.
  • Easily downloadable different massages.
What We didn't like
  • It is expensive as compared to other models.

Let’s look at the features of UInfinty Luxe Massage chair to help you decide which model stands out.

Four Professional Made Programs:

There are four different features which ease and soothe your body. The Scholar Relax program calms you down and relaxes you.

The Hot Stones feature has warm acupressure for high and intense relaxation. The Air Spa provides a warm air Shiatsu. The Scholar Energize feature helps in concentrating.

Human Smart Massage Tech:

The chair provides humanized massages that fall under three categories for refined acupressure to fulfill your desired needs and you can also download different massages for your pleasure.

Optimal Well-being:

The UInfinity comes along with the following features for the well-being of the customers. It surely is considered as a luxurious chair and delivers the best performance.

  • Active Lifestyle
  • Lifestyle Essentials
  • Therapeutic Relief
  • Customized Suite
  • Daily Basics

Maximize Indulgence:

The UInfinity chair has diverse features and also works according to your body and which part of your body is in need.

The smart chair has a shoulder detection technique and it gives you the personalized acupressure feel which makes it an innovative and intelligent massage chair.

The chair has a Tui-Na bodywork that has firmly pulled and pushes and delivers deep tissue massage to get rid of the aches and deep knots in your body.

It also comes with zero-gravity which helps optimize the effleurage massage technique which improves the circulation and reduces tension from your body.

Final Words:

The company offers a warranty to the customers and also replaces or repairs the products in the duration of the warranty. OSIM massage chairs are highly recommended.

The company makes luxurious products for its customers and you can easily buy according to your likes and budget.

OSIM massage chairs are one of the kinds with specific and unique features for the best experience after a long tiring day of work.

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