Osaki os-4000t Review

Osaki OS-4000T Massage chair has re-built to add a new best technology of air massage. It has built-in a way that the airbags are reduced but they have expanded the surface area of the massage.

This in result reduced the valves from the original model to make the chair light in weight. It made this OSAKI 4000T massage chair the most stable one in the market.

The people who have a low budget can buy this massage chair as it has all the features which a person needs at a cheap price.

Osaki is exceptionally known for producing massage equipment. When you’re buying a massage chair of the Osaki model, you don’t need to worry because you’re getting an absolute best massage chair at a cheap price.

In this article further, we’ll highlight some wonderful features of the Osaki OS 4000T massage chair.

Osaki os-4000t Review [Top Rated]

Comfortable S-Track technology

Firstly, this massage chair is delicately prepared with S-Track technology to make it fully comfortable for the person and its spine.

As the nature of the spine and its curve are different in every person’s body, you have to customize the rollers from neck to lower back and you don’t have a risk to lose weight and support too. S-Track technology can be found in other Osaki of 4000 models too.

Working Foot rollers

The one who owns the massage chair knows the importance of this feature. It is essential to have an appropriate foot massaging system. This massage chair includes both foot rollers and airbags for a foot massage which is a great advantage as compared to other massage chairs.

Zero Gravity Position 

This is the most important feature in this Osaki OS 4000T massage chair. As indicated by Nasa Technology, this Zero Gravity position in a massage can give you full enjoyment. It assigns your back with respect to your thigh at an ideal level of comfort.

The Zero Gravity Position alleviates weight on the spin, loses up the neck and back, increases oxygen levels in the blood, and extends the capacity of lungs.

When your body is in recline position i.e. when your legs are in an upward position than your heart level, the impacts of these zero gravities recline are amazingly effective.

Computerized full body scan

As the full body is scanned through the chair feature, it gives the instructions to S-Track to give full attention to areas that are stiffed, it also recognizes the pressure points of your body.

The pressure points can be seen in the soft tissues around the nerves. There are a lot of points like these present in our body. These can be restorative, enjoyable, and can provide the flow of energy if it is handled correctly.

Air Massage Feature

Because of the progressions in Osaki’s airbag designing, the company has decreased the number of airbags so that it will produce low voice and will spend less power which will result in original massage feeling.

Osaki has enhanced the material to modern grade for airbags which can be more durable as compared to before. The airbags are in the areas which include arm, shoulder, feet, calves, and hips.

The enhanced material used in airbags keeps the skin invigorated, whereas the airbags provide pressure to forearms and hands.

Automatic leg scan

Apart from the full-body scan, this massage chair also features a fully automatic leg scan. The inherent feet massager will broaden and retract until the comfortable spot is found. It is the point where airbags and foot rollers will be at its best.

Different Types of Massages

The best massages are the ones that are performed with various methods and strategies. Not only a professional therapist can perform different techniques, but an automatic massage chair has different strategies for massages too.

This Osaki massage chair can perform massage in 6 various techniques which include Swedish, Kneading, Clapping, Combo, Rolling, vibration massage, and Shiatsu.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Osaki OS 4000T Massage Chair


  • More features at a cheap price:  It includes various features such as automatic leg scan, full-body scan, S-Track feature. The features which are presented in this massage chair can only be found in massage chairs which cost $4000+ which means it is a bargain, also Osaki is a quality brand.
  • Preset Auto Function:  It is relatively easy to operate. You can choose from 6 various programs including Thai, demo, back, neck, stress relief, and stretching. If you don’t like these automatic ones, then you can choose manually too.
  • Customized massage for back:  A key feature of this massage chair is S-Track rollers. Other massage chairs in this price range contain an ordinary back roller which can only tickle the back because it cannot follow the position of the spine. Osaki massage chair tracks the curve of the spine which makes the massage more powerful and accurate.

The thing which people don’t like about this massage chair is produced in a way that benefits people with a smaller body.

It benefits the people with a small height and has issues for people with height above 6 feet. This is the only possible drawback which we found in this massage chair.

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