Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Reviews

Medical Breakthrough is the name of one of the most famous brands making massage chairs only for medical purposes.

The brand understood the importance of a massage chair in the life of a person who needs a massage chair to replace a physician massage therapist.

Because we all know that they charge a lot and they charge for each appointment. With a massage chair, conceived and made to offer medical full body massage, you only have to pay once, and you have a massage chair forever and for everyone at home.

In this review, we will review and analyze the 6 best medical breakthrough massage chairs for 2019. So sit tight, read the detail of each massage recliner, and choose yours.

Medical Breakthrough 4,5,6 Massage Chairs Reviews

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner Review

A massage chair made by doctors, therapists, pain specialists, and chiropractors: they claim!

It is must mention here that all these massage chairs are full body massage chairs because they are made with a medical approach.

Here is our take on the pros and cons of this product.

What we liked
  • Advanced 3D Technology Massage Rollers – LTrack
  • Zero Gravity Massage Position
  • Body Scan for a Massage Contoured for Your Body
  • Heat Massage
What We didn't like
  • No Rocking & Rotating
  • Only one Position in Zero Gravity
Cons in detail
  • The chair offers a zero gravity massage position, but if the makers of this chair believe that it is a modern, medical massage chair, then it should have included rocking and rotating option that you can find in massage recliners like Daiwa Legacy.
  • The other problem is with the Zero Gravity massage position. It is good that you get this option because in zero gravity position you get better blood flow, but the problem is while many massage chairs like Daiwa offers more than one angle of zero gravity, with this chair there is only one.
Pros in detail
  • So, what kind of track is there in this chair? It is an L track. There are mainly two types of tracks in an advanced full body massage chair: S and L. L is a more advanced roller track because it covers your spine as well as hamstrings.
Advanced 3D technology massage rollers

Well, those massage rollers actually mean is that once the chair has scanned your body, those rollers reach each part of it and provide relaxation.

  • Zero Gravity massage chair could not be so big a success around all massage chair manufacturers if it was not such a big breakthrough in this industry.
  • What it does is that it evenly distributes your body weight across the chair. First of all, you feel very light because of it, secondly, it boosts your blood flow as well.
  • Another feature that is very noticeable these days is a body scan. This chair also includes this feature.
  • Considering that more than one person can use the same chair, this chair every time scans the body of a person who uses it and then it positions the massage rollers as per your contour.
  • Heat massage has been a very well-known massage trick for centuries. It helps one relieve pain and stress off of a specific part of one’s body. This chair offers an all-inclusive heat massage that applies you comfort in your shoulders and spine area.


Infinity Massage Chair IT-8500 Review

Infinity is a big name in the industry of massage chairs. Here’s a clarification; this chair is not made by Medical Breakthrough. It was added to the review only because by category it is a medical massage chair.

Here are the most important pros and cons of this product.

What we liked
  • Decompression Stretch Massage
  • Lumbar Heat Massage
  • Two Zero Gravity Positions
  • USB Sound System
What We didn't like
  • No Heat Massage for Shoulders
  • S-Track
Cons in detail
  • Just like most of the massage chairs, this one is also limited only to the lumbar area, when it comes to heat massage. While it is a matter of fact, that lumbar area needs heat massage, there is no denying, that having this function for shoulders and calves etc. is also very helpful.
  • The biggest criticism is that this massage recliner comes with an S-Track roller system. As we have covered already, S-track goes along the spine. It does not cover hamstrings and hipbone.
Pros in detail
  • There is something innovative about Infinity IT-8500, and that is the decompression stretch massage. This massage recliner offers you a full-body stretch mode during which the airbags grip your legs and shoulders, while the chair reclines: the personification of the famous body stretch massage and relaxation.
  • Lumbar heat massage is another very strong positive point. While it is hard to understand, but there are a few massage recliners, made by famous brands, that do not include this function. However, it is limited to the lumbar area and it could have been much better if they made it available for shoulders as well. Nonetheless, lumbar is the most important area when it comes to heat massage.
  • The big reveal – is that unlike super perfect Medical Breakthrough recliner that we have reviewed above, this one does not lack in the area of zero gravity massage. Unlike the previously done recliner, this one has two zero gravity positions. In one of them, you enjoy a better elevation of knees and thus much better blood flow.
  • USB sound system is also something that Medical Breakthrough recliner missed out on. Although it is not a big deal and it is not at all something that must come with every massage recliner, it is all about attention to detail. While music is almost always therapeutic, imagine combining it with a full body massage! Yes, Infinity massage recliner lets you enjoy music while you undergo an extensive massage; all you have to do is load a flash drive with your favorite music and press the button.


Medical Breakthrough Vending 5 Massage Chair Review

Vending 5 is yet another chair with very little criticism on it. It is so perfect that we had to include it in this list of 6 fabulous, full-body, Medical Breakthrough chairs, or medical massage chairs.

This massage chair an amazing design! There are many massage chairs that don’t provide full-body massage therapy!

But, this is not the case with Vending 5 Massage Chair! It HAS full body massage therapy function + a medical body scanner!

With no further ado, here’s the review.

What we liked
  • A Plug’n Play Chair
  • Versatile Design
  • Medical Body Scan
  • Full Body Massage Therapy
What We didn't like
  • Out of Focus
  • No Heat Therapy

Spoiler Alert!

One of this chair’s many features is sort of its big problem as well. Since we always cover cons first, we are going to make the big reveal about that feature and why it renders the whole thing out of focus.

Cons in detail
  • It is out of focus, because of the word ‘vending’. They call it Vending for its features that do not have anything to do with a massage recliner. Yes, this medical recliner can accept dollar bills and credit cards as well. The purpose was to make it a source of earning for a small business. Just place it at your shop, customers can enjoy the massage (takes roughly 10-15 minutes), pay you and go home.
  • While, being out of focus and introducing a function that an average massage chair recliner customer has got nothing to do with, the biggest mistake that the manufacturers made was not making it a vending machine, but not including a much-needed heat massage.
Pros in detail
  • For starters, it is a plug n play chair. It is one of those chairs that are easiest to install. It is also 100% automated and once an automated command is given, the rollers in the chair automatically follow it to offer a massage.
  • This chair has a versatile design and by design, we do not only mean what it looks like. Yes, it will complement your furniture and look like a part of it, but the design includes shape as well as a business opportunity that this encapsulates. Also, it is the design that ensures durability; this is one of the most durable chairs in this review.
  • The medical body scan is one of the most prominent features of this massage recliner. When a person sits in this chair, it performs a medical body scan and then customizes a massage for that body. This is important especially because this chair is designed for a business opportunity. Rollers follow the customized massage style and you enjoy a 100% personalized medical massage.
  • The massage therapy that this recliner provides is a full-body one. This machine as 3D rollers that reach out to parts of your body that simple rollers do not. You enjoy a deep penetration in the neck, back, lumbar and other areas. The trigger point therapy provides a kneading or tapping massage to every trigger point in your body. Also, you can enjoy all this while in a zero-gravity position.

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Review

Kahuna is one of the biggest and most famous brands of massage chair manufacturers. It provides a full body massage system! I’m sure you’ll love it! There are many massage chairs that don’t provide auto programs!

But, this is NOT the case with Kahuna LM6800. It has MANY auto programs!

Here is all the detail about pros and cons.

What we liked
  • Full Body Massage System
  • Many Auto Programs
  • Zero Gravity Function
  • Special Attention to Foot Massage
What We didn't like
  • No Thigh Massage
  • No Neck Massage

While Kahuna is a big brand, considering how cheap is there massage recliner as compared to other full-body medical massage recliners, it was hard for us to expect that it will be a perfect massage chair.

Cons in detail
  • This should not come as a surprise for such an economy class chair, but this chair totally ignores the thigh area. You do not have a proper thigh massage in case of Kahuna LM6800.
  • The other big issue is that rollers do not reach your neck. Neck area is neglected, which it should not have been, considering how well connected is one’s neck with their spine and how nerves go all the way from the neck to the spine.

While these are some important issues, the pros of this product make it a wonderful product for the price, considering that is the most affordable full-body medical recliner in this review.

Pros in detail
  • It is a full body massage system or massage chair. L-track makes it one of the best for the price. L-track rollers reach further than the S-track one. It goes all the way from your shoulders to back to lumbar to heating therapy that you enjoy to the leg area – a 100% full body massage solution at an unbelievable rate.
  • It comes with many auto programs. In total, ignoring different variations and styles, there are 6 auto-massage programs. You get shoulder airbag massage, heating massage for lumbar, arm-well airbag massage for arms, airbag massage for calves, heating massage for calves, and dual foot roller for feet.
  • Zero gravity function in this recliner beats most of the reviewed recliners because although they are very expensive, they hardly have one or two zero gravity positions. However, in the case of this recliner, you can have 3 stages of zero gravity. This means you can choose from 3 levels of better blood flow and gravity. Also, there is a space-saving technology; just place the recliner 3 inches far from the wall; it will slide within the frame and you will have zero gravity without taking too much space.
  • Last, but not the least, the special attention that this medical recliner gives to foot massage is appreciable. There are dual foot rollers right underneath your feet when you try foot massage and on top of that, there are airbags that try the compression massage on your ankles and calves. In case you are bent on hygiene and do not want to use footrest pad after someone else has used it, it can be fully detached and washed; guess what? It is quick-dry as well.


Medical Breakthrough MB4 Massage Recliner Review

This massage chair recliner can easily be distinguished from others in line and that is not for anything else, but because of its unique shape and design. It includes all the basic details that you have noticed in Medical Breakthrough 6 massage recliner.

Here’s our take on the pros and cons.

What we liked
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Medical Body Scan
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • Chiropractic Back Stretch
What We didn't like
  • Only one Zero Gravity Position
  • No USB Music Facility
Cons in detail
  • This is kind of an expectation that remained unfulfilled and less of a complaint, but most of these chairs have only one zero gravity position, while there are other chairs, even the cheaper ones, that have two or three zero gravity settings. What happens when you have more options? Definitely, everyone likes to have options, and most importantly, people can optimize the levels of zero gravity and better blood flow.
  • This Medical Breakthrough chair does not have a USB music function like most of them, but this does not mean that other medical massage recliners do not have this option. We know that Infinity massage chair from this same review has this option.
Pros in detail
  • This massage recliner lets you customize your massage to insane limits. You can change everything and have a fully customized massage. The choices include but are not limited to, reclining as far or as little one likes, choosing any type of massage and adjusting the intensity of the massage, etc.
  • When you sit in this massage recliner, it gets a scan of your body and adjusts the rollers as per that particular or unique body structure. The best thing about this massage chair is it has an L-track roller system. L-track rollers have excess to hamstrings as well as your spine. Once the scan is one, those 3D rollers reach your body’s unique contour and provide a fulfilling massage.
  • While there is available only one mode of zero gravity, this recliner has got it nonetheless. Zero gravity is a very useful feature, because it distributes your body’s weight evenly across the chair, improves the blood flow and takes the weight off your tired and fatigued spine. The best thing is that a better blood flow strengthens your heart’s muscles and arteries.
  • Chiropractic backstretch is yet another benefit of having this medical massage recliner at your home or office. We know that body stretch and especially backstretch has been a long-known technique of relieving stress and fatigue off of the lower back and upper back. This recliner has mastered this massage move and with inflated airbags, it grips your body and stretch it to provide you relief from stress and fatigue.

Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus Massage Chair Review

If you long for a massage chair that will not only remain a massage chair but also complements your furniture and lavish living style, this is the chair to go for.

Here is the detail of the pros and cons.

What we liked
  • Smart Massage Chair with Touch Screen and Memory Options
  • 6 Locations for Multi Intensity Massage
  • Bluetooth Speakers for Music
  • Human Voice Command System
What We didn't like
  • S-track Design
  • No Zero Gravity System

Well, allow us to claim that this is the most innovative massage chair on this list, although it misses out on some pretty basic massage chair functions.

Cons in detail
  • The very first problem that you can immediately notice in case of this product is that the chair has an S-track design. Now, this is a bit ironical, but there was a time when S-track was considered the best track for massage rollers because it was naturally aligned to the form of the spine. However, now L-track is considered much better because not only it does everything that S-track does, it also takes care of hamstrings and hipbone.
  • The bigger shock was to notice that a chair that included so much more than what others chairs missed, totally missed a key function of a massage chair: the zero-gravity system. This chair does not have a zero-gravity system – not a single position zero-gravity system and that is a big blow to the reputation of this massage recliner.
Pros in detail
  • This massage chair brings forth modern massage technology and it truly deserves to be called a smart massage chair. This chair comes with a smart hand-held touch screen from which you can control your massage chair. But this does not end here, this chair offers a user memory settings system, which makes it a chair for an entire family or a workplace. As many as 5 persons can save their memories and the chair will use the saved massage preferences for each of them.
  • As many as 6 locations can be engaged in a full-on massage. You can enjoy a complete body massage covering neck, upper back, lower back, arms, calves, and feet. For these 6 locations, you can use 5 different levels of intensity controls. The types of massages that you can get with this chair are kneading, tapping, and heat, which then lead to further choices pertaining to style and approach.
  • Just like infinity, this massage chair also comes with Bluetooth speakers; you can enjoy music while you’re going through an extensive all body massage. These are 10 watts high quality and powerful Bluetooth speakers adjusted into the chair. We have already discussed the importance of music in relieving stress and anxiety, and how a combo of music and massage helps.
  • A very innovative and unique feature is a human voice command system. This massage chair offers seven human-voice command system. The included languages are English, Vietnamese, Spanish, German, Japanese, French and Korean languages.


Our Verdict

So, Which one of these medical breakthrough massage chairs and other medical massage chairs is the best?

Before we share our verdict with you, here’s a table to help you understand the value that these chairs offer to their consumers.

So what is our verdict? Which of them is the best medical massage chair/recliner for people with backbone problems?

  • Medical Massage Through 6 is the best massage chair out of all of these. It has a shiatsu massage therapy, with deeper 3D L-track rollers and a body stretch massage system. It takes care of all sensitive areas in feet and calves.

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