Kahuna LM 7800 Review

These days it’s not easy to find a good massage chair for yourself. There are a lot of different companies with their different products but not all of them have the features that you want or the comfort that you are looking for.

A lot of massage chairs have good and unique features but they a too pricey and not everyone can afford to buy it.

Let’s not worry anymore because this review is going to help you choose your massage chair which has all the good features and a lot of therapeutic benefits as well.

This review of Kahuna LM 7800 will discuss the features of the massage chair in detail and also its pros and cons but before that, let’s get to know about the company which makes these chairs and what are its motives.

Kahuna LM 7800 Review

Kahuna LM 7800 is one of the best massage chairs that are available in the market. It has different and unique features as compared to other products and it also is super luxurious and also looks good with other furniture in your room.

Let’s have look at the features, pros, cons, and specifications of Kahuna LM 7800 massage chair.

What we liked
  • It has L-track massage feature
  • Heat therapy
  • Zero gravity
  • No assembly required
  • Space-saving feature
  • Shiatsu massage program
  • Built-in speakers
  • Adjustable ottoman
  • Foot and calf massager
  • Computerized body scan
  • Shoulder and Lumbar hip squeeze
What We didn't like
  • No 3D Massage

The Kahuna massage chair doesn’t have a 3D massage feature because it doesn’t have roller depth adjustment or intensity. The thing that Kahuna LM 7800 chair lacks is that it doesn’t let you change the intensity of the rollers according to your own level.

L-Track Roller System

There are two types of massage systems that is, the L-track and the S-track. S-track system is common as compared to L-track; it has rollers that extend from your neck to your coccyx to match the shape of your back.

The L-track system has become the best technology to massage your spine ad your butts. They are 20 inches more to the massaging range.

Kahuna LM 7800 consists of an L-track roller system and with it; the normal range of massage rollers extends widely from your neck to your thighs. It is an upgraded version of S-track which is basically limited to massage the lower back of our body.

The L-track system helps soothe your body pain. It also helps with the stress and calms your mind. This chair is designed for the well-being of your physical and mental health and it also prevents any further issues which may take place in your body.

Zero Gravity Positions

Kahuna massage chair provides 2 zero gravity systems. The zero-gravity system puts your body in a neutral position when the chair reclines backward for good circulation of blood.

The zero-gravity system alleviates pressure from your back and with this feature, your muscles feel relaxed. It helps not only with the body but also with the mind.

It releases all the stress and mental worries from your mind and puts you in a relaxing mode. And it not only provides one zero-gravity system but two which is pure luxury for people at a reasonable price because not all the massage chairs have this.

The chair has only one button for that and you can easily switch to the zero-gravity modes by pressing one button rather than moving your body too much.

Air Massage Technology

The Kahuna LM 7800 also features a strong air massage technology. The airbag technology is different from the L-track technique, it compresses, squeezes and then releases. The air massage system works on your different body parts which include your shoulders, hands, arms, hips, calves, pelvis and feet.

The airbags inflate and deflate to twist and stretch the body. They also hold the body in place for a stretch massage or against the backrest for the roller massage. They especially work on the back and pelvic areas of your body.

The airbags located next to the hips inflate and deflate at different times to stretch and twist the pelvic area.

The airbags located at the shoulder area apply pressure to the shoulders. These airbags also hold the body to the back of the chair when giving a massage.

The airbags are also present in the arm and hand massaging the area and they press the different sides on the arms and hands in order to release all the pain.

The airbags located at the foot and calves area squeeze and compress the legs and feet.

Calf and Foot Massage

Another best feature of Kahuna LM 7800 is that it has a foot and calf ottoman chair. This feature is found in Kahuna massage chairs which are now being added in other massage chairs as well.

The foot rollers that are present in the massager massage the feet and give a deep massage treating the soles of your feet. The foot rollers are powerful but there is no option to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage. You can adjust the intensity by using socks or padding under your feet.

It depends if you want to use the foot rollers or not because they do not depend on other massaging systems.

Another best thing about the foot and calf massager ottoman is that it can rotate. With this rotating feature you can enjoy the foot and calf massage but also flip the ottoman and massage your front legs too.

Computer Body Scan

Most of the massage chairs are too expensive but they don’t have the body scan feature in them. Without this feature, the massage chair won’t recognize the width of your shoulders or how wide you are.

This means that you won’t be able to customize your massage and if you are going to spend a big amount of money on a massage chair then you might as well buy one which has the body scan technology. With the Kahuna LM7800, you won’t have to worry about it because it has the body scan feature in it.

When you start a massage program the chair automatically starts to scan your body and once the scan is completed the massage head rollers adjust according to the height and shape of your body in order to deliver a personalized massage.

Heat Therapy

One of the best features the Kahuna LM7800 includes is heat therapy. The heat therapy increases the circulation of blood in the body and also removes the stagnant fluids from the muscles while introducing rich blood to that area.

The heating pads are placed behind the calves and inside the lower back portion of the backrest. The heat pads release the warmth to areas of the body which helps in relaxation and releases the pain from the body.

This feature is best for achy body or sore muscles or joints. If your muscles are relaxed and free of pain then the massage head rollers will provide a more soothing and deep massage.

Built-in Speakers

The Kahuna LM 7800 also has built-in speakers next to the shoulders on both sides of the chair. You can enjoy soothing music by connecting any device with the speaker while having a massage to relax your body and your mind as well. it helps in releasing the stress from your mind and have an extremely comfortable experience.

Space Saving Technology

Most of the massage chairs take a lot of space which also makes them look odd when laced with the other furniture in the room.

Chairs that have the zero gravity technology take up more space when they recline but Kahuna LM 7800 takes up to only 5inches when it switches to zero gravity mode.

It has a space-saving technology and due to this the chair moves forward when reclining and reduces the amount of space needed.

LCD Remote

The Kahuna LM 7800 comes with an LCD remote that controls all the functions of the chair.  On the remote control, you’ll find the options to adjust the settings of the massage like its intensity, heat, the massage timer, and the position of the roller.

The remote control has a screen on it which shows which of the programs are working right now. Below the manual mode are other options and at the bottom of the remote are auto and more manual options which include the massage options, speed, and width of the rollers.

The remote control is easy to use and doesn’t need any assistance. All you need to press are a few buttons and nothing more!

Massage Programs and Techniques

The Kahuna LM7800 features four massage programs that deliver the most comforting massage. All these programs use both air and roller massage by combing them together in order to provide more comfort and satisfaction.

The following four programs are:

  1. Tapping
  2. Kneading
  3. Rolling
  4. Shiatsu
  5. Taping and kneading (combination)

Shiatsu therapy is used to align the body’s energy. It is used for healing, balancing, and wellbeing of the body.


The company gives a 5-year warranty of the Kahuna LM 7800 massage chair. The warranty supports the repair and framework for the first two years.

What are massage chairs for?

Massage chairs help people who suffer from chronic pain, people who exercise on a daily basis or people who jog or walk. Massage chairs are easily available in the market but most of them are too expensive to be bought by everyone.

Instead of going to a spa after every two days which might put a dent on your wallet, why not buy something which will help you for a lifetime and is also not too expensive and has a lot of unique features to help you relax?

Massage chairs help you with your body posture, muscles, pain, and soothe your body too so if you are thinking to invest in the well-being of your physical health, have a look at this article!

Company’s introduction and its aim:

Kahuna is a company that produces massage chairs. The company’s aim is to produce unique massage chairs that are different from other chairs in the market.

The company only wants the satisfaction of its customers and doesn’t make generic products or products that are similar to others in the market.

The company makes a product that works for a lifetime so that the customers won’t have to buy the same thing, again and again, its aim is to win the trust of the customers by developing concrete and efficient products.

Apart from that, the company focuses on reliability and assures its customers of high-quality products.

Final Words:

The Kahuna Massage chair has all the modern features which contain the L-track massage technology, heat therapy, and different features that provide a very relaxing and deep massage.

The chair is best for your physical and mental health. It contains the stress-relieving combination of kneading ad tapping.

But for the price, we’d want more in terms of customized and personalized massage but it offers a lot of massage techniques which might compel you to buy the Kahuna LM 7800 massage chair.

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