Japanese Massage Chairs

Nowadays it’s difficult to choose a good massage chair according to the budget and specifications etc.

Japanese massage chairs are considered best in the market. And since they are expensive so it’s better to look for different options until your needs are satisfied.

In this article, we’ll discuss 3 best Japanese massage chairs and explain their features, pros, and cons to help you decide.

Best Japanese Massage Chair Reviews (TOP PICKS)

Osaki OS 4D Pro JP Premium Review

The Osaki OS 4D Pro J massage chair is one of the best that is there in the market with features that are not similar to others and is comfortable enough to provide satisfaction to the customers.

Before we go through the features, pros, and cons of this chair, let’s look at the company and its motives. The company Osaki has made reliable products over the years and has established its position in the market.

Its motives are to provide its customers with great comfort by making products with advanced technology and introduce new innovative ideas. The company keeps up with the new world with different ideas, provides the best and reliable products to the customers.

Features of Osaki OS 4D Pro JP

The Osaki OS 4D is manufactured in Japan and is a very luxurious and expensive product. Let’s look at the features to know better about this product.

  • Made in Japan

Japanese chairs are considered as the most amazing chairs as compared to the chairs made in china. Their quality is better and their features are far better than all the other massage chairs.

The parts that are used in the Japanese made chair are of high quality which is why they are used for a longer period because of their reliability and because of that they are expensive as well.

  • Body Scan Technology

The chair has a body scan technology that provides a highly professional and comfortable massage to the user. The tech scans the body and the pressure points and then gives massage according to it, which results in a very soothing and deep massage.

  • 10 Auto programs

The best part about this chair is that it contains ten automatic programs out of which 5 programs are the basic ones and the rest of the programs are Kiwani Mecha ones.

The kiwami massage programs are for the high intensity, if you want a very deep and high-intensity massage then you should definitely use the Kiwami Mecha programs.

  • 29 Massage Techniques

Apart from the auto programs, the chair also has manual programs. These programs are categorized and provide different massage techniques such as knead up/down, tapping and wavelet, neck relax, shiatsu, etc.

All these programs are divided into 5 different categories which are: basic, mode, shoulder, waist and section.

  • Heated Foot Massager

The chair also has a heated foot massage technology on each of the footpads which provides comfort to the soles of your feet. The heated foot massage is best for those who jog or walk on a daily basis or people who have sore feet due to different problems.

  • 44 Airbag System

The chair has 44 airbags that are located throughout the chair to provide you with the most soothing massage to your whole body. The 44 airbags massage your shoulders, arms, neck, back, your thighs, glutes, and feet.

The best thing about these airbags is that the intensity of the massage can be changed from three regions of the chair. The intensity can be changed from the upper/lower body and from the foot area.

If you want to increase or decrease the intensity of the lower body, you can change it without affecting the other two parts.

This feature of the chair stands out from other chairs because most of the massage chairs don’t have this option of changing the intensity of different positions in the chair.

  • Easy to use the remote control

The remote control that comes along with the chair is very easy to use and doesn’t require any assistance. You can easily select the different programs with the help of the remote.

  • 4D Rollers

Only a few massage chairs have this feature of having 4D rollers and the Osaki OS 4D is one of them. The 4D roller technology is new in the market so it hasn’t been introduced in most of the massage chairs.

In 4D chairs, you can change the speed of the rollers and the rollers can extend till 4 inches.

The 4D massage chairs provide the best massage without any manual work. The rollers massage those areas which are normally not touched easily and these 4D rollers provide a deep tissue massage.

What we liked
  • 29 different massage techniques
  • Made in Japan and manufactured by Fujiyroki
  • Not expensive as compared to the 3D massage chairs
What We didn't like
  • No foot rollers
  • Doesn’t have full body stretch


Inada DreamWave Massage Chair Review

The Inada Dreamwave is one of the most high-end massage chairs in the market which provides the best massaging experience and has superior features as compared to other massaging chairs. Let’s have a look at the company’s vision and its motives.

The company focuses on the health and the well being of the customers and for that, it produces high-quality massage chairs. Its motive is to contribute to society by taking care of the health of the people.

The Inada Dreamwave is expensive and if you are investing in a pricey massage chair, you must go through the features of it to make a decision.

  • S-Track Design

The Inada massage chair comes with an S-track and 3D rollers which provide a very soothing massage to release pain from your body.

The chair offers a deep massage to your back and it’s the best for people who have chronic pain or sore muscles. The 3D rollers are best for your blood circulation.

  • Air Massage Feature

The chair has an air massage feature that comes with 101 second-generation airbags and a very few numbers of chairs have a lot of air cells.

The air cells help in releasing the pain from the muscles as well as for the good circulation of blood. This feature allows you to have a great experience.

The best part about it is that you can change the pressure, the duration of your massage and also the area on which you want to have massage.

  • Infrared Back and Seat Heat

Most of the massage chairs have the heat feature, the Inada Dreamwave has a back and heat seat feature.

It provides heat to the back area and the seating area which helps in decreasing the pain and provides good circulation of blood and helps with the knotted muscles.

You can also adjust the intensity of the heat according to your liking which is the best part about it.

  • Calf, Foot and Sole Massage

The chair provides massage to your feet, calf, and soles and it’s an amazing feature for those who walk or jog. The airbags and the rollers give a soothing experience that helps with your sore feet and improve the blood circulation.

The foot massager can be extended so it’s friendly and usable to people who are tall.

  • Hip and Thigh Massage

Another feature this chair provides is a massage for the hips and thighs. It is best for people who have pain in this area can take advantage of this feature.

It helps in loosening up the muscles which provide a very relaxing experience. You can also adjust the pressure by increasing or decreasing according to your own choice.

  • Remote control

The Inada massage chair has a lot of massage options and for that, the chair comes with advanced remote control. The remote control helps you with customizing the massage but it requires a little bit of learning.

  • Chair Program for Younger Users

The chair has a program for people over the age of 14. It is an age during which a lot of teenagers go through stress because of studies and to release that stress you can use this program which helps in decreasing pain and releasing stress.

It helps in providing relaxation to younger people. This feature can also be used by people who have a short height.

What we liked
  • The chair offers a sole massage which is not easily found in the massage chairs.
  • It comes with hip and thigh massage, the area which is mostly neglected.
  • The airbag massage which can be adjusted according to your choice.
What We didn't like
  • A lot expensive as compared to other massage chairs
  • It has a short S-track
  • It doesn’t have space saving technology
  • No mp3
  • The weight of the chair is pretty heavy


Johnson Wellness J6800 4D Review

In order to provide relief, comfort, and soothing experience, the company Johnson Wellness has introduced its unit J6800 4D massage chair.

The chair has a Japanese design and is made to improve your health and for your well being. Let’s look at the features of the chair and see what makes it so special from others.

  • 4D Massage Roller

The 4D massage roller is just like the 3D massage roller which moves up and down the body as well as in and out in forward and backward direction.

But, the 4D massage has another special feature that allows you to control the speed, intensity, and pressure of the rollers. The J6800 has this feature which provides a very soothing experience.

  • Body Scan Technology

The chair has a body scan technology that provides massage according to the shape and size of our body. The chair customizes the massage in order to provide massage on your pressure points.

  • Music System

The J6800 massage chair also has a music streaming feature in it which allows you to connect your mobile, tab, or mp3 player to listen to music while having a massage. This feature not only soothes your body but also your mind.

  • Customizable Massage

The chair has a feature that allows you to customize your massage by creating three different profiles. Once you save it, you’ll only have to press a button for the massage later on. This option comes in some of the massage chairs.

  • Heating Pads

The chair comes with heating pads to release pain from your body. The heat helps in giving you extreme comfort to your muscles and you can use these heating pads not only for your neck but also for your shoulders and arms by wrapping it around the part of your body where you need the heat therapy.

  • Adjustable Foot-rest

The Johnson J6800 has a footrest feature that comes with an additional purpose to alleviate the pain from your soles. These footrests can also be extended, so if you are tall you can use this feature as well because it extends up to 6 inches.

  • Convertible Ottoman

The best feature of this chair is that if you don’t want to use the footrest, you can convert it into an ottoman which saves up space.

  • Remote Control

The chair comes with a remote control which is very easy to use and you can use it without anyone’s help. The remote control also has a timer that tells the timing of the massage and how much time has left for the massage to end.


Final Words

This article is to help you in deciding among the best three Japanese chairs while putting in light their features, their pros and cons and also their price. All these chairs differ from each other one way or another and you can choose from them which best suits your likes.

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