Infinity Massage Chair Reviews

Are you looking for high-quality, executive-class massage recliners that will complement your office furniture or home furniture?

If it is so then these 5 massage recliners are absolutely for you. Infinity massage recliners have been serving the community of masseuses and massage enthusiasts for a long time.

People who suffer from regular work fatigue, muscle strain, stress, backbone problems, and other issues that can be addressed with a full body massage, are the customers of Infinity’s massage chairs.

These massages chairs are packed and loaded with the latest massage technology, known massage techniques, and many options that make them full-body massage recliners.

However, there are drawbacks of each one of these massage recliners, and none of them can be declared perfect – or for that matter, no massage recliner can be declared perfect.

Take a look at the pros and cons, and pick the product that best suits your unique requirements.

Best Infinity Massage Chair Reviews [TOP PICKS]

Infinity IT-8500 X3 3D Massage Chair

The best thing about Infinity IT-8500 X3 is its overall look and feel. It has a plush black faux leather upholstery on it and a big range of massage features under its upholstery.

Here are some of the most important features of this product.

  • Comfortable S Track – While it is a known fact that the S-L track is more advanced when compared to S-track, there is no denying that S-track is still considered a modern roller track design. It conforms to the shape of your spine and thus rollers move along the spine to provide comfort to it.
  • 3D Technology – Why this is called a 3D massage chair? It is because this chair has a few 3D features. For example, there are 5 3D intensity levels from almost nothing to the most powerful massage. The 3D system scans and locates the neck to make rollers extend to the user’s neck and provide a deep 3D massage.
  • Zero Gravity – Almost all famous Infinity massagers have the zero gravity option. Although this one has only one position, it is still a lot better than those that have no option at all. On zero gravity mode, your body’s weight is distributed across the chair and since your elbows rise higher than your heart, your blood-flow/circulation is also improved.
  • Lumbar Heat Massage – It could be better if the heat massage was made available for other areas as well, but nonetheless, it is available for the lumbar area where it is needed the most. Why? Because in your entire backbone, the lumbar area takes all the stress and needs heat massage to relieve the same stress.
  • Foot Massage – What I loved about this chair is that unlike many other so-called full-body massage recliners, this one does not half-heartedly touch the feet area, but offer a combination of solutions. With 8 airbags (compression massage) and 6 rollers, you get a fulfilling foot massage from feet to calves and legs.
  • Spinal Correction – The spinal correction system of this massage recliner is an air compression and body stretch system in simple words. Stretching a part of the body and releasing it is known as a very successful massage technique for stress and fatigue.

This recliner’s airbags stretch your body and provide a shoulder retraction. In the meanwhile, the S-track rollers go up and down, along the spine and Shiatsu swivel seat helps you with spinal adjustment/alignment and it loosens the lumbar muscle stress.

The swivel seat is a brave new innovation that Infinity induced in its latest massage recliners.

So, this was mostly all about the features, and here are a few problems or drawbacks that we noticed in this massage chair.

  • Only One Zero Gravity Mode – While it is good that this massage chair has a zero-gravity mode, the problem is that only one zero-gravity mode is not considered good enough. Many top of the line massage recliners have at least two zero-gravity mode – some of them even have three modes and then space-saving feature as well.
  • Heat Massage only in Lumbar Area – No doubt that the lumbar area needs heat massage more than any other area, but it does not mean that neck, shoulders, and calves cannot make use of it.


  • 3D Massage Technology
  • Zero Gravity
  • Spinal Correction & Alignment
  • Proper Foot Massage


  • Only One Zero Gravity Mode
  • Heat Massage only in Lumbar Area

Bottom Line – What I really loved about this massage recliner is the innovation and a wide variety of features that it offers to the users. The best thing about infinity massager recliners is the combination of all important standard features. Yet, there are certain limitations that keep it from becoming a perfect deal.

Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

Infinity IT-8500 is too similar to the Infinity IT-8500 X3 3D massage chair that I have reviewed previously.

However, there are certain different features – for example, it has a USB sound system instead of Bluetooth, and the chair is operated with a considerably bigger tab-like remote panel and no with a remote control device.

Here is my take on the features.

  • Decompression Massage – One of the best features of this massage recliner is the decompression massage. So what is decompression massage? It is a special type of massage in which air compression bags get hold of and stretch your shoulders and legs, while the chair reclines as per your pre-defined level and stretch your body to relieve off all the stress and fatigue. It is the machine transformation of a human massage technique.
  • Two Zero Gravity Positions – If by any chance you didn’t like the Infinity massage recliner only because it had only one zero-gravity position, this one is here to quench your thirst. This one has two zero-gravity positions, so it actually makes it easier for you to pick the one that you find most comfortable.
  • Lumbar Heat Massage – There are heat modules fixed in the back of this chair; if you choose heat massage, you get that via those modules and thus you get rid of stress and pain in your lumbar area. While it is not good to limited heat massage only to lumbar area, I would appreciate that at least they added heat modules where they were needed the most.
  • USB Sound System – A major difference, between previously reviewed Infinity recliner and this one, is in terms of the sound system. In that recliner, you had to connect to your music device via Bluetooth, but in this one, you have a simple and easiest sound system. Just plug in your flash-drive full of your favorite songs or connect your cell phone via a USB cable and enjoy the music therapy with your massage therapy.
  • Body Scan System – This massage recliner is equipped with a 3D body scan system; when a user sits in this chair, the system takes a 3D body scan of that user and delivers a massage tailored to their specific contour.
  • Foot Massage – In the feet and calves massage area, this massage chair has foot rollers to improve blood flow and relieve the stress.

So this was all about the features, and here are the two flaws that we noted.

  • Not Enough Airbags in Feet Area – The feet and calves’ area can really benefit from airbags because they compress and improve the blood flow. This massage recliner mainly relies on foot massage rollers; it is good to have them, but not at the expense of airbags.
  • Hard to Read Control Panel – The tab-like control panel of this massager is actually pretty good and easy to use, but for some stupid reasons, they opted for a very small font and that makes the control panel hard to read.


  • Decompression Massage
  • Two Zero-Gravity Positions
  • USB Sound System
  • Lumbar Heat Massage


  • Not Enough Airbags in Feet Area
  • Hard to Read Control Panel

Bottom Line – This massage recliner is a mixed bag of everything, but most of the features are promising – the cons are more like areas where they could make improvements, and not like some real problems that they have to take care of.

Infinity IT-8500X3-EB Massage Chair

That’s just another massage chair from the same series; all of them look the same and have pretty much same features, with some key differences. For example, IT-8500 has 2 zero-gravity modes (so has this one), but IT-8500 X3 3D has only one such mode.

Let us take a look at this chair’s prominent features.

  • 3D Massage Technology – All 3D massage technologies are created equal. Take this one for example. It is 3D because rollers make movement in a “Y” (3 dimensional) fashion, but what makes it different is that it lets you adjust the rollers’ depth – from low intensity to deep tissue massage.
  • Feet and Calves Area – This massage recliner, like the first one on the list, is equipped with the best selection of massage tools in feet and calves’ area. There are 8 airbags (compression massage) and 6 massage rollers (shallow or deep rolling massage) in the feet area with their own specific type of massage techniques e.g. rolling, kneading and squeezing, etc.
  • Zero Gravity Mode – Just like its predecessors, this massage recliner also comes with a zero gravity massage mode. You have already read as to what is a zero-gravity mode, the best thing about this recliner is that it also comes with not one, but two zero-gravity positions. It is always good to be able to choose between two different levels of comfort.
  • Auto-Extend Neck Massage – One of the biggest problems that a lot of massage chair users report is that whether it is an S-track or a more advanced SL-track, the neck remains to be a neglected area and all the focus remains at backbone area. Well, this massage recliner has a 3D sensor that traces your neck’s position and dictates the rollers to provide a strong neck massage.
  • Lumbar Heat Massage – Just like all other infinity 8500 massage recliners, this one also comes with heat massage modules installed in the lumbar area of the back, and whether you have fatigued lumbar muscles, pain or some sort of displacement, this heat massage does not only provide you comfort but slowly heals the affected part.
  • New 3D Auto Programs – This massage recliner comes with some new 3D auto-massage programs that you will not find in other variants of 8500 Infinity massage chair. For example, this massage chair offers deep Shiatsu massage, Health breath program, and Massage Extend program etc.


This does not mean that there are no problems with it. Here are the flaws that we noticed:

  • Heat Massage only for Lumbar Area – Well, this is an old complaint about all Infinity massagers, but since it is important, I find it worthy of mentioning here. The problem is that while heat massage is most badly required in lumbar area, shoulders, neck, and calves can also use it.
  • Remote Control Hard to Read – This massage recliner’s remote control is big and narrow. It looks more like a T.V. remote and due to narrow width, the screen is not big enough for a user to easily read the words and digits. Although it is a backlit screen, its small size makes it hard to read.


  • New 3D Programs
  • Zero Gravity
  • Auto-Extend Neck Massage
  • Feet and Calves Massage


  • Heat Massage for only Lumbar Area
  • Remote Control Hard to Read

Bottom Line – I’d say that this chair is a lot better as and when compared to other Infinity massage chairs with only one zero-gravity mode and no special and unique programs. However, drawbacks are there; a major one is narrow and hard to read remote control.

Infinity IT-Escape EB Massage Chair

Infinity takes pride in offering IT-enabled massage chairs to the industry. However, unlike the critics, I do not think that ‘IT’ is just a term they used to make their massagers look more technology-driven and chic. I personally believe that innovation spearheads their massage chair designing and making.

Let us read about the features of this one.

  • Full Body Compression Massage – Compression or stretch massage is known as one of the best massage therapies. What’s so good about this massage chair’s compression massage is it being a full-body compression massage. This chair has 38 airbags – from top to bottom – that provide you a fulfilling compression massage.
  • Deep Pressure Massage Along the Spine – This chair has a different set of innovative massage options. Take this one for example. The high-tech L-track rollers placed in the back of this chair perform a deep tissue massage along the spine. Within only 20 minutes, these rollers perform this deep pressure massage and you feel better than ever. The area covered by this massage is from the cervical spine to lumbar area.
  • Feet Massage Area – While out of 38 airbags roughly 8 big and many small airbags offer compression (blood-flow boost) massage in the feet area, this is not all to it. There are strong massage rollers right underneath the feet that mimic the reflexology massage. Reflexology massage is a human-hand massage that is done with thumbs and fingers. It stimulates sensitive points of the feet and touches the nerves that go to the brain.
  • 47” L-Track Roller – What takes this massage recliner to a whole different level from the same kind of massage chairs made by Infinity is a big – 47” L-track massage roller system. Most of the other models on this list have S track massage rollers. While they’re good, they do not reach as farther as this massage roller goes. It goes from the backbone to legs, which is not something S-track can do.
  • Zero Gravity Mode – This chair also offers the zero gravity mode, there are two of those modes available in this chair. The best thing about having two or more positions available is that you can choose the comfort level or the level of blood circulation.
  • 5 Auto Massage Programs – In this massage chair, there are many manual techniques that you can tweak to have a fully customized massage for yourself. However, if you trust the auto-massage features embedded into this massager, there are 5 massage modules that you can choose from. Refresh, Energy, Revive, Active and Relax.

And this is it about pros. Here are the most prominent cons.

  • Hard to Read Remote Control – Like the previously reviewed massage chair this one also comes with a narrow remote control device. Although it has a backlit display, it is hard to read because of the size of that display.
  • Heat Massage only in Lumbar Area – This remains to be the most commonly found problem in all infinity massage chairs. It is good that you can have heat massage where you need it the most, but it is bad that you only have it in lumbar area.


  • Full Body Compression Massage
  • Deep Massage for Spine
  • Zero Gravity Positions
  • 5 Auto Massage Programs


  • Hard to Read Remote Control
  • Heat Massage only in Lumbar Area

Bottom Line – This massage recliner sets new standards for other massagers from the same company. L-track and deep pressure massage where it is needed the most, are two unique features. However, the cons are the same and they are not so important.

Infinity IT Escape IT-CB

This one is the last Infinity massager that we included in our review and as you can judge by the name, this one is also from its IT series – and from Escape sub-series. It is yet another plush black upholstery chair and this one also comes with L-track.

Here are the features.

  • 38 Airbags Compression Massage – From arms to feet and calves’ area, this massager has 38 airbags. They compress and relax to offer you a proper compression massage from arms to ribs to calves and feet. Compression massage is considered ideal because it improves blood circulation.
  • 47” LTrack Massage Roller System – Like its predecessor, this one also comes with an advanced L-track massage roller system. L-track is better than S-track because it is not confined to the spine, but it also addresses the legs. It covers a larger area; for example, in the case of this recliner, it goes from your neck to gluteus muscles.
  • Feet and Calves’ Massage – In your feet and calves’ area, you have roughly 8 big airbags and many small ones. They provide compression massage, but for a more intense and deep-tissue massage there is a roller system underneath the feet that provides reflexology massage (as explained above).
  • Deep Pressure Massage – There is a set of rollers that performs a deep tissue pressure massage and goes from the cervix to all the way up to the lumbar area. This is the area where a lot of pressure and stress occur – thus this deep pressure massage is only high required.
  • Zero Gravity Positions – This massage chair is also equipped with zero gravity mode. Zero gravity mode is pretty phenomenal in terms of better blood circulation and reducing the body’s weight for quick relaxation.

And here are the biggest problems with this chai.

  • Heat Massage only in Lumbar Area – This chair, like all other infinity chairs, does not offer heat massage in any area other than lumbar.
  • Hard to Read Remote Control – This is also a common problem – the blue LED-lit remote control is very narrow. Due to this small width, the screen’s width is very small. As a result, people find it hard to read words and digits.


  • 47” L-Track Roller
  • Deep Pressure Massage
  • Feet and Calves Massage
  • Zero Gravity


  • Heat Massage only for Lumbar Area
  • Hard to Read Remote Control

Bottom Line – This is yet another Escape massager with innovative features. Yum is that 47” long L-track roller and deep tissue massage etc., yuck is nothing much – just a remote control that is hard to read and limited application of heat massage.

Our Verdict

Before we tell you as to which one of them is better than others, here is a table to show you where all of them stand.

  • As it can be noticed in the table, there is a tie between IT-Escape-EB and IT-CB-Escape, so both of these almost identical massage recliners are best and you can pick any of them.

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