Human Touch Massage Chair Review

In this blog post, we’re going to review 10 best Human Touch massage chairs for 2019-2020 and there will be a buyer’s guide for those who want to know what to look for when buying massage chairs.

Best Human Touch Massage Chairs [Top Picks]

Human Touch Novo

The best thing about Human Touch is that they give a human touch to not only the functioning of a massage chair but it looks as well.

I mean you can buy any of their massage recliners, and they will work not only as a massager, but a recliner, a lounge chair or an executive chair too.

Here are the most important features of this one:

  • L-Track Massage Chairs – The most important part of a massage chair is its rollers – they on the track made for them. Those tracks are made as per the human body/spine’s contour. L-track is much better than S-tack because S-track was only limited to spine and L-track covers the upper parts of legs too.
  • FullBody Stretch – A classic example of replication of real human massage! The airbags in this chair get ahold of your body while chair leans backward and stretches your body.
  • Heat Massage – Using warm air technology/pads in the lumbar area, this chair provides you an effective heat massage in the most sensitive area of the spine that needs this massage more than others. This massage is known for soothing one’s muscles and relieving stress or pain.
  • 30 Auto-Wellness Programs – This chair comes with a whopping 30 big and small auto-programs that you can use to customize the massage and gear your massage chair towards providing a particular kind of relief in a particular area. Take full-body immersion or rocking motion for example.
  • Zero Gravity – This massage chair offers zero-gravity position – in this mode, your chair leans back to a zero-gravity position where your knees are higher than your heart. This boosts your blood flow and decreases the stress.


  • L-Track Rollers
  • 30 Auto-Wellness Programs
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • Heat Massage


  • Heat Massage Limited to Lumbar Area
  • Substandard Remote

Human Touch Novo XT

Another hallmark of Human Touch’s craftsmanship – this chair is an improvement in the basic Novo design so you should expect better things from it when compared to real Novo massager.

It is a feature-rich chair with only very few drawbacks – if you need a perfect combo of therapeutic features and executive kind of convenience, this is the chair to go for.

Here are the features of this chair:

  • Customized Massage – You can have a customized massage – tailored not only to your unique massage needs but to take care of different body parts that you want to address via customized options.
  • Hybrid L/S Track & 3D Quad Rollers – This chair features an interesting hybrid of L and S roller tracks. So, supposedly, this massage chair has the qualities of both types of tracks and on top of them 3D quad rollers – they move in 3 different directions and come back to provide a unique sense of comfort.
  • Zero Gravity Mode – The good thing about Novo XT that it offers two different zero gravity modes – it is always better if one is able to choose between two different levels of comfort. Zero-G modes distribute the body’s weight evenly across the body and let you feel comfortable.
  • Heat Massage – Same as in the case of the above-reviewed massage chair, this one also has a heating pad that provides heat massage via warm air technology. This function is for the lumbar area only.
  • Calf & Foot Massage – There are airbags in the calves and feet area with which you get a compression massage and with dual rollers you get deep penetrating massage.


  • Customized Massage
  • Zero Gravity Modes
  • Calf & Foot Massage
  • 3D Quad Rollers


  • No 3D Body Scan
  • No Temperature Adjustment

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

In case you’re wondering the reason behind the name of this massager, it is called WholdBody 7.1, because it came after the first model, 5.1 and it is a whole-body massage chair – albeit an entry-level one.

Let us take a closer look at its features.

  • S-Track – Now, I know that S-track is not as good as L-track. But imagine a situation – your main concern is upper and lower back, and you do not want to break the bank to buy a lavish massage chair. Won’t you buy an entry-level massager with S-track (made mainly for spine)?
  • Body Map Pro – Imagine if you could just tell the chair to apply massage on a particular body part when you feel stress, pain or fatigue? This is what the Body Map Pro does. Point it to where you want relief and get it then and there.
  • 4 Big Wellness Modes – There are 4 big wellness modes: Rehabilitation, Recovery, Restoration, and Rejuvenation. There are expertly designed massage programs that come under these different modes and cater to different problems.
  • Warm Air Massage Technology – The heat massage technology is a warm air pad with 6 active heating points – they mostly cover the lumbar area and provide a soothing massage with heatwaves.
  • FlexGlide Technology – Do not confuse it with Zero Gravity. The FlexGlide technology reduces the pinching and friction that some people feel with the massage rollers that move along their spine and legs.


  • FlexGlide Technology
  • 4 Big Wellness Modes
  • Heat Massage
  • Body Map Pro


  • Heat Massage Only for Lumbar Area
  • Only One Zero Gravity Mode

Human Touch ZeroG 5.0

Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 took its name from the famous zero gravity feature. This chair makes it super easy and simple to enjoy the zero-gravity feature.

This comes with all the bells and whistles that you expect from a massage chair. Apart from any other thing, it is a luxurious and plush massage chair that will complement the rest of your furniture at your home or workplace.

Here are the best features for you to take a look at.

  • 4 Manual Massage Techniques – This massager has got 4 manual massage techniques that you can choose from. These techniques are stretch, flex, tone, and ease. They are based on real human massage techniques.
  • 4 Auto Massage Programs – If manual massage is not something that you fancy, you can try one of the 4 auto-massage programs that this massage chair offers. They are: refresh, retreat, relax and sleep, etc.
  • Easiest Zero Gravity Setup – The best thing I liked about this massage chair is how easy it makes it get into zero gravity mode. Just press and hold the Zero Gravity button and your chair will take you into zero-gravity position.
  • Foot & Calf Massage – Although this is an economy massage chair from Human Touch, they tried something new with foot and calf massage area. Traditionally, that massage is trusted to airbags and rollers, but Human Touch tried soft paddles that move in 8 figure patterns to calm feet and calves.
  • Heat Massage – Just like all signature Human Touch chairs, this one has also got a set of warm air generating columns in the lumbar area. This heating system relieves stress and fatigue off of your muscles and prepares them for a full body massage.


  • 4 Manual Massage Options
  • 4 Auto-Massage Programs
  • Easiest Zero-Gravity Setup
  • Different Feet & Calves Massage Option


  • Only One Zero Gravity Mode
  • Not for Those Who Prefer Airbags and Rollers for Feet Area

Human Touch iJoy 4.0

Human Touch iJoy 4.0 has a little casual profile instead of a massager-like profile that most of the full body massage chairs have.

Let’s just say that it can easily blend in your home or office environment – and complement other furniture in your lounge.

Let us take a look at its key features.

  • Compact & Casual Design – It is a small and compact chair that can fit anywhere. It is not your casual full body massage recliner that takes a lot of space. Also, another plus point is that it can blend in anywhere.
  • FlexGlide Duo Massage Engine – FlexGlide Duo is a trademarked massage technology form Human Touch. It ensures a simultaneous back and seat massage that addresses the problems in your back, hips and upper legs at the same time.
  • Targeted Muscle Benefits – If you are not happy with the very well-known Human Touch auto-massage programs, you can enjoy targeted muscle massage. The techniques include Knead and Glide motions.
  • Convenient Cradle – A convenient tech cradle lets you charge and uses your mobile device (smartphone, tab, iPod, etc.) while you enjoy a thorough and targeted body massage.
  • Smooth Recline Lever – With a smooth recline lever on the right side of the chair, you can sit back and push the chair to the angle that you feel comfortable with – this will intensify the level of massage that you enjoy.


  • Compact & Casual Design
  • FlexGlide Duo Massage Engine
  • Targeted Muscle Massage
  • Smooth Recline


  • No Zero Gravity Massage
  • No Foot & Calf Area Massage

Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0

Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 is yet another massager chair in the line of iJoy – while the previous one has its own advantages, in terms of design and “blending in”, this chair appears to be more normal.

However, a more normal look is not everything about this chair, here’s my outlook on this chair.

  • FlexGlide Massage Technology – FlexGlide is Human Touch’s patented/trademarked massage technology. FlexGlide – in simple words – takes the friction and pinching away from massage and make it a smooth and comfortable experience.
  • Professional Massage Techniques – The whole mantra of Human Touch is to follow simple human massage techniques and make sure that the users feel the human touch and not the robotic movement of rollers. This chair is a personification of the same idea.
  • 3 Auto Massage Programs – There are 3 auto-massage programs that you can choose from – Think: to refresh the backbone, Perform: to address neck and shoulders’ stress and Recharge: to rejuvenate the lower back.
  • Portability – This is a real portable massage chair. You can just pick it up, store anywhere, and move anywhere. It has only 45 lbs. weight and it can be folded to easily take it anywhere.
  • Tethered Remote Control – There is a pocket on the right side that can host this chair’s remote control. Just slide your left hand a little bit downwards, grab the remote, and use it with ease.


  • FlexGlide Massage Technology
  • Professional Massage Techniques
  • 3 Auto Programs
  • Highly Portable Chair


  • Very Limited Scope
  • Very Limited Options

Human Touch Navitas

In case you were not much happy from iJoy series and a few other minimalistic Human Touch massage chairs …

And in case you were looking for a fully functional, whole-body massage chair, Human Touch Navitas will not disappoint you.

Here are the best features of this chair:

  • S-Track – This machine has got an S-track for rollers. Yes, S-track is not as good or as advanced as L-track, but considering that this is an affordable and mid-range price massager, an S-track is definitely something to cheer about.
  • 4D Rhythm Massage Technology – The next big thing, that takes Human Touch Navitas beyond its price range, is 4D Rhythm Massage Technology. This technology, in collaboration with S-track, provides an intense massage that a user can control.
  • Automatic Body Scan – Just like the 3D body scan in other massage chairs, the automatic body scan feature in this massage chair takes a scan of your spine and identifies the pressure points. As a result, you get a massage customized to your unique back contour.
  • Zero Gravity Mode – This massage chair has gravity mode – with just touch of a button, you’ll move to a zero-gravity position. Your body position will automatically sync with the auto-programs – for a more intense and soothing massage.
  • Feet & Calves Massage – Instead of using Human Touch’s figure 8 feet and calve massage paddles, this chair seems to be using pretty standard airbags and rollers for that area.


  • S-Track
  • 4D Rhythm Massage Technology
  • Automatic Body Scan
  • Zero Gravity


  • No Lumbar Heat
  • Only One Zero Gravity Position

Human Touch WholeBody 5.1

We have reviewed Human Touch 7.1 above – the Human Touch Wholebody 5.1 is just a limited features version of the same massage chair.

But before ever this puts you off, there is this interesting thing. Since this chair is pretty much a basic version of 7.1, it does not cost too much – it is a pretty affordable chair in fact.

Here are all the features.

  • S-Track System – How about this one – even though 5.1 is a minimalistic version of 7.1, it has got the same S-Track version that 7.1 comes with. S-track is still a decent track system for people with back pain.
  • Zero Gravity Position – This chair has still got a zero gravity position – something that even a few best chairs from Human Touch and other companies miss out on.
  • Automatic Recline Feature – Automatic recline feature allows your chair to recline automatically, without having you apply physical force to recline the chair. This helps a lot not only because in that position you can enjoy a more immense massage, but because you do not have to put pressure on your back to recline it.
  • 3 Auto-Massage Programs – This machine comes with 3 auto-massage programs that you can choose from – the programs have been designed to provide comfort and relief in back pain, stress, and overall fatigue.
  • Targeted Muscle Massage – Using the remote attached to this chair, you can easily target the muscles that are in pain and stress. Just point to the areas where you feel pain and enjoy immediate relief.


  • S-Track
  • Zero Gravity
  • Automatic Recline
  • 3 Auto-Massage


  • Not a Sturdy Chair
  • Very Limited Application

Human Touch 5020

Human Touch 5020 is not a very famous specimen made by Human Touch and I’m not going to claim that it should have been famous for all the amazing specs (that it actually does not have), but if you’re looking for a mixed bag of everything kind of massage chair that is affordable and yet offers a full body massage, this is the chair to go for.

  • 3 Invigorating Auto Massage Programs – This massage chair has got 3 invigorating auto-massage programs that the user can choose from. You can choose the one that best addresses your problem. They include Refresh entire back, Relieve the neck and shoulders or release stress off of your lower back.
  • 4 Professional Massage Techniques – There are 4 professional/manual massage techniques that you choose from. These techniques are based on the real human massage style – they include rolling, kneading and compression, etc.
  • Figure 8 Technology for Feet Area – The Human Touch patented massage technology for feet and calves area – Figure 8 massage technology is what you find in this chair, instead of airbags and massage rollers.
  • Width & Shoulder Height Adjustments – While using any type of auto-massage on this chair, you can see how the program automatically makes width and shoulder height adjustments to give you a proper massage.
  • Two Backrest Positions – Last, but not the least, you get two-stage backrest – choose which one to go for based on your preferences.


  • 3 Auto Massage Programs
  • 4 Manual Massage Techniques
  • Figure 8 Massage Technology
  • Two Backrest Positions


  • No Zero Gravity
  • No Heat Massage

How to Choose Good Human Touch Massage Chairs

In case you want to know what to look for while buying the best Human Touch or other massage chairs, this buyer’s guide will help you a lot.

With or Without Ottoman

The Ottoman of a massage chair is mostly come attached to it – most of them have full feet and calves massage features, while others are limited to either rollers or airbags. Make sure that you pay for a full body massage chair – a chair that comes with massage options that take care of neck, arms, shoulders, back, hips, upper legs, calves, and feet.


Before the advent of S-track massage chairs, there used to be massage chairs (and you can still find some of those), that had a long and straight roller track. Unfortunately, your back is not like a flat board.

Make sure that you get your hands on an L-track massage chair, because those do not only take care of your back but the seat as well. However, an S-track, if your budget is limited, is still a good choice because it covers your back.

Number of Auto Programs

Here’s the thing …

Manual massage techniques matter and make sure that your massage chairs have all and the best of them.

But the most important number is that of auto-programs. A good auto-program is like your own masseuse.

It is made of different manual massage techniques, it takes care of overall stress, fatigue, and pain relief, and it makes sure that you get a wholesome massage.

Heat Massage

Heat works in mysterious ways … to start with, it loosens your muscles and helps with stress relief.

This helps you get ready to get a proper and long massage. However, it also helps you address pain in a particular area of your body.

Your best option is to get a machine that has heat massage available for both: lumbar and shoulder or calves’ area.

If that is not possible, at least you can try and get a chair with lumbar heat massage. That area demands a good heat massage more than any other area.


Before I give a verdict based on my understanding … here’s a comparative table to help you understand as to which one of these chairs is the best.

Here is our verdict …

  • Human Touch NovoL-Track, heat massage, zero gravity
  • Human Touch iJoy 4.0More advanced than 2.0, comes with all bells and whistles
  • Human Touch WholeBody 5.1Much better than iJoy and a few others, whole-body massage chair with everything

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