HiDow TENS Unit Reviews

HiDow TENS Unit has become a top-rated product these days. Of course because of its quality and usage. That’s the reason you see lots of reviews everywhere.

Let’s first understand what basically TENS means. It stands for Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation which helps in relieving pain through electrical currents.

The electrodes are attached to the skin where there is discomfort or pain and a current is passed. The pain receptors are blocked and when the pulses send bio-electrical signals through your nervous system.

The device is easy to use and gives a sense of pleasure to the users and the best thing about it is that it comes with a lot of features and provides relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

HiDow TENS Unit Reviews [Top Picks]

HiDow TENS Unit XPD Massager

The HiDow Tens Unit XPD is one of the best that is available in the market. Let’s have a look at the features and see what makes it so special as compared to other devices.

Predefined Massage Modes:

The HiDow Tens Unit comes with 12 predefined massage modes. These can also be alternated and rotated according to your own choice which allows you to personalize your massage experience.

You can also use them individually or with different combinations according to your therapy every time you use the machine.

Predefined Massage Combinations:

The machine also comes with the predefined massager combinations. The grabbing and taping massager techniques can be combined in a very interesting way which results in a new technique called ‘ramping wave’ which can be accessed in the eighth massage mode.

This program works by breaking down the lactic acid and muscular toxins that are present in your muscles which further helps your muscles to contract. It has five different therapeutic cycles which help in relaxing your muscles and alleviating the pain.

Dual Output Feature:

Another great thing about the HiDow Tens massager is that it comes with a dual output feature. This feature allows you to use four pads at the same time.

You can place all of the four ads on different parts of your body and select different massage techniques on every pad with different intensity according to how you want it.

Control Panel:

The thing about HiDow Tens massager is that it has a control panel which is super easy to use without any assistance. You can easily figure the function of the buttons but it is advised to read the instructions about the correct placement of the pads and also includes the maintenance of the TENS unit.

Lithium Battery:

There is a built-in lithium battery in the HiDow Massager. You have to charge the battery when using the first time and then you can easily charger it again whenever you want to use the product.

The massager can be used for a whole week after charging it only once and you won’t have to charge it again after every two days. It also has a timer that can be adjusted and can be set to turn off in 10-60 minutes.

USB Cable:

The HiDow TENS massager comes with a wall charger as well as a USB cable. Therefore, you can easily recharge it at home or any other place using a USB cable.


The HiDow massager has two sets of ads. One of them is smaller than the other and is used to target specific areas of your body. The pads are reusable and can be used up to 200 different massages which depend on how carefully you use it and if you follow the instructions carefully.


  1. The HiDow TENS comes with a wide variety of programs that includes 12 different programs and 3 different combinations which provide the user which highly effective and professional massage. All of the programs are perfectly designed.
  2. The massager also has a dual output which means you can use 4 pads at the same time while placing them on different parts of your body with different intensity according to your choice.


  1. The HiDow XPD massager is a little pricey as compared to other models in the market which might go out of budget for some people.
  2. The unit comes with a two-year warranty but if you want an extension- a lifetime warranty then you’ll have to pay extra for that which can get costly.

Final Words

The HiDow TENS XPD massager comes with different and interesting features which also allow you to personalize your massage and have a different experience every time you use it.

The company offers a two-year warranty for the product and covers all the mechanical defects. The company only cares about the needs of the customers and is focused on providing a pain-free and relaxed life.

The HiDow massager is efficient and has a lot of therapeutic benefits and can treat chronic and labor pain. It treats joints, bones, and muscles problem but this product is much more costly than the other products.

In short, HiDow TENS XPD has all the beneficial features but comes at a high price.

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