Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Unlike other massages for body treatment, the Lomi Lomi massage is an amazing massage that focuses on the whole body, as it is massaged at the same time in a continuous motion.

This massage is performed for quite a long time in the temples of Hawaii as the soul changing experience and restoring ritual.

Lomi-Lomi massage and its benefits are gradually coming in other parts of the world too.

Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Full Body Massage

This type of massage depends on the conviction that memories are not only enrolled in our brain, but it is registered in each body part.

The massager or practitioner starts this massage with prayer when he puts his hand on the back of the customer and prays for the quick and relaxed healing process.

It is possible that the customer will be approached to think about the aim behind this massage to make it more effective when the massage begins.

Built-in music is an essential part of this Lomilomi body massage technique. The massager may murmur as there is a possibility that for the energy flow, they’ll make the customer do some dance moves.

How Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage is performed?

Your specialist will put the pressure on your entire body, from head to feet, on both front and back, and will use his deep flowing strokes for the persistent movement.

You’ll feel the specialist arms as cadenced waves of movement on your body which will make you feel fully relaxed and stress-free.

The specialist will rub his arms around your body removing all your tiredness & muscle tension.

The vibrations around your body will surely resound the customer’s body and will boost the energy level which was blocked before.

Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage: The Loving Touch

The people who’ve experienced this Lomilomi massage have given it the name of ‘’The Loving Touch’’.

Because every part of the body is interrelated with each other and is delicately and sensually touched and massaged which helps the body to reestablish its normal behavior.

For the Hawaiian the words Aloha is a very important word, especially for the specialists as it means happily sharing the energy of life.

It also means sustaining the body and thinking it as their own body so that they can give the best massage to their clients.

Benefits of Lomi lomi massage

  • This type of massage is very beneficial at numerous levels. It loosens up the whole body, helps to gain relaxation, refreshes the mind, makes the person more energetic, and expels all negative feelings and vibes such as depression, uneasiness, and anxiety.
  • As you know that different types of massage sessions help the person to recover from any kind of injury after surgeries, pain, and anxiety. Lomilomi massage can also help to fight from certain different medical problems too.
  • Whole-body Hawaiian massage helps the person to be spiritual and make them passionate, which develops the feeling of calmness, harmony, and relaxation.

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