Daiwa Massage Chair Reviews

If you’re the kind of person who prefers a work laptop to the notebook when it comes to 9 to 5 grind. You would not pick a massage chair that will be more like a useless piece of furniture and less like … well, an all-inclusive massage lounger.

This exactly what you’d feel about Daiwa Legacy 9100 Massage chair.

Daiwa Legacy 9100 Massage Lounger Review

While there is no doubt that this is one of the best massage chairs has its own flaws and drawbacks. It is after a full-fledged massage recliner that takes care of your aching body: from neck to shin.

Let us take a look at the most important pros and cons of this product, and then we will discuss the entirety of them.

What we liked
  • Rocking Rotating Technology
  • 3D Body Scanning System for Customized Massage
  • L Shaped Massage Track
  • Zero Gravity Massage Option
What We didn't like
  • Too Expensive
  • No Heat Adjustment Feature

First thing first. These are not the only pros, and we are going to discuss all of them in detail.

Secondly, these cons do not cover the complaints and problems reported by the customers of this product – we will try to capture the gist of them to give you a bigger and better picture.


Rocking Rotating Technology

I have reviewed a lot of products and most of them belonged to the massage chair, cushion, and recliner industry.

I know that a major problem that many people faced was that their chairs were good for nothing after a brief 15 minutes’ session of massage.

Once used for massage, for the remainder of the day, such a chair is nothing but an extra piece of furniture. People expected to use the same furniture for more than one particular need.

The rocking rotating technology of Daiwa 9100 Legacy Massage Lounger makes it something above and beyond a massage chair.

It gently rocks back and forth to give you a floating sensation … that’s your reading chair, rocking chair or just any chair that you will use to have some free time.

While your body gently leans back and forth, you can have a full body massage as well.


3D Body Scanning System for Customized Massage

There might be two different opinions about how well the 3D body scanning system works. And, whether it works at all and devise a customized massage tailored to the unique shape of each user’s spine or not, but it is something appreciable.

Appreciable, because it seems to be working for most of the users, and because it is a new thing – an innovative technology in this industry.

What this chair does is simply take a scan of your spine as you sit in it and then it makes small adjustments to position its rollers and airbags in a way that provides maximum comfort and a better massage to your spine.

Even if this technology fails, you always have a manual override in the form of remote control. The bigger picture here?

This machine is not made for one individual; it is made for family or the recreation room, and it can tailor a massage to the unique contour of each and every individual using it.

L Shaped Massage Track

Well, Not a pioneer anymore! There are many full body massage chairs that induced L shaped massage track way earlier than Daiwa introduced it with its Legacy 9100 Massage Lounger.

However, It is good news that we have if we buy this massager. Here is the difference between a typical massage chair track and this L shaped track:

  • 24-28 inches massage vs 49 inches massage
  • Shoulders to last spinal vertebrae vs neck to hamstrings

But this does not stop there. Not only the L shaped massage track is better than what you get with a simple massage chair (one that only takes care of your spinal cord).

But, it is also better than a much appreciated S-shaped massage track.

Here is the difference:

  • S-track is a curved track that goes along the curve of your spine
  • L-track is an extension of S-track, and it goes beyond the end of the spinal cord to your hip bone and hamstrings

Hence, L shaped track is much better.

Zero Gravity Massage Option

Moving from extraordinary to ordinary, how can we forget the zero gravity massage thing. The massage in space, should we call it!

The basic concept is pretty simple; in a 30-degree angle you move the seat backward and your legs, especially your knees elevate to a position above your heart.

In this position, your body is basically weighing against the floor in a zero-gravity position, and in this position, you have a deeper and more penetrative massage.

There are two positions that you can choose from:

  • In the first position, your body is at a 30-degree angle, there is a balance between the height of your heart and knees.
  • In the second position, you press the zero gravity button to have your knees higher than your heart to enjoy a better blood flow to the brain.

In both of these positions, you relieve stress off your muscles and enjoy a higher standard of relaxation.

Therapeutic Heat Therapy

While they would go a step further to call their heat therapy, therapeutic, we find that there are certain problems with heat therapy.

I’m not saying that it does not work or that it is not therapeutic, it is both, but with a very limited area of application.

It provides comfort in the lumbar area, which is critically special for those who suffer a rather common lumbar pain. From the lumbar area to its outskirts, this therapy must be working like magic, but it does not address the entire spinal cord or hip bones, etc.

Also, temperature control is an issue.

18 Automatic Programs for a Full Body Massage

Again, this is not your common massage chair; it is something made exclusively for the people who long for full body massage chairs.

In total, they call them 18 automatic programs, while actually, it is all about 6 complete programs with 3 different settings.

6 x 3 makes it 18. However, keep in mind that the actual number of automatic programs is actually 6; there are 3 different settings that change the nature of a program and thus make the total of 18

Here are different programs and modes that you enjoy when you choose this chair.

  • Recovery Mode
  • Extend Mode
  • Upper Body Auto
  • Refresh
  • Relax
  • Lower Body Auto

Now there are 3-time settings to apply to all of them. Most of the people choose 15 minutes and most probably that is enough for one session because your body starts getting tired of massage movements, and it can be painful when it exceeds the standard time limit of 15 minutes.

Manual Modes of Massage

Apart from the automatic massage programs, this massage recliner still lets you pick and choose your manual massage mode.

Customize your massage to address a particular area of your body or have a particular type of remedy.

These are very well-known moves that address a particular problem in a particular way.

Here is the list:

  • Kneading – We all know what kneading is. Imagine your body as that of a piece of dough and these rollers kneading you until the last speck of stress is removed.
  • Tapping – This does not even need an explanation – the rollers tap against the affected part to offer one the immediately needed relief.
  • Knocking – When tapping does not work for the pain or fatigue, apply to knock to that area and see the pain learning something important the hard way.
  • Shiatsu – It is a Japanese type of massage – the traditional all-inclusive massage that you need to bless your body with: at least once a week.
  • Music Sync – The power of Blue Tooth connects your device e.g. iPod or iPhone to the chair, and through the high-quality speakers mounted above the shoulders, you enjoy music while you get massaged.
  • Rhythm – Discover the rhythmic massage therapy
Triple Reflexology Rollers

Speaking of rollers and airbags, we forgot feet. A good massage lounger takes care of your entire body from the neck to your feet.

There are rollers in your footpad. When you activate a massage, these rollers, working on the base on the principles of reflexology, stimulate your feet’s nerve endings.

This works in many different ways. You get a better blood circulation, you relieve tension and you feel better after a fulfilling massage.

And this is not the only part of feet that this massage lounger touches you at, with ankle grips and airbags working in those areas, you have a better supply of blood in your ankles and shins area.

This is a massage that takes care of foot soles, calves and ankles and shins, the friction created by the airbags results in much better blood flow, and it relieves stress off of these areas.

Airbag Massage

As we have talked of airbags and how well they serve the purpose of providing you better blood flow, it is very important to mention here that airbags are not only in the feet area.

They take care of all of your legs, arms, and shoulders. There are, in total, 48 airbags that rhythmically inflate and deflate while you enjoy your holistic massage.

Airbags are known massage gimmicks that boost blood flow and release stress and anxiety off of you.

When you try adjustable foot extension to have a better shiatsu pressure against the backs and sides of your calves, you enjoy a better sense of relief and comfort.

Quiet and Calm Massage

Yes, we know. Underneath the upholstery and cushion of it, there are rollers and this or that machine that turns an ordinary chair into a massage chair.

They are loud and noisy, and you cannot help but feel their different type of noises while you try to enjoy your massage.

Well, this massage lounger offers you a quiet and calm massage. Use the remote control to decide how silent should be the procedure, and you will love how complacent Legacy is.

So, If Legacy Massage Lounger is so cool, what are the possible cons of this product and the complaints that Amazon customers have reported?

Let us take a look at the cons and complaints.

Too Expensive

On Amazon, this product is available at around $$$$. Now, this is a lot of money. There are really good, all body massage chairs with 100% detached and fully detailed ottoman that comes for a price smaller than this one.

Apart from “Rocking Rotation” technology, there is nothing in this massage recliner that is new or innovative or something that makes it better than the best whole-body massage loungers on Amazon. So, The price is not justified.

No Heat Adjustment Feature

We have touched this topic before, so I would avoid unnecessary detail.

This chair offers extensive heat to the lumbar area, but only the area to which it applies heat is very little, there are no options to adjust the heat in case you think that it is too much.

Remote Control

Not on Amazon, but on other forums where buyer reviews are discussed, I noticed that a few customers are not happy about how limited are the tapping or kneading moves, and how the remote control is basically not much needed because the massage lounger does not have the range of functions that justify a remote control.



Before I tell you what was our verdict after reading and researching a lot about this product and vetting it, here is a table for you to see:

 Daiwa Legacy 9100 Massage Lounger
Type of Massage ChairFull Body Massage Lounger
Type of Massage TrackExtra Long L-Shaped
Zero GravityMore than that
Innovative FeatureRocking Rotation Technology, Body Scanning System
Number of Programs6
Major CriticismPrice


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