BM EC161 Review

BM EC161 is a super affordable massage chair packaged with some great features. We expected it to be as good as its previous model EC 06 massage chair.

But, it proved out to be a better version than that with some updated, additional and improved features. BM EC161 has some exceptional features that you’ll love every day! They’ve worked on sensors and added an L track position in it.

BestMassage BM EC161 is no doubt a good massage chair, and in this article further, you’ll get to know some of the great features of this massage chair.

BestMassage BM EC161 Massage Chair Review

  • Exceptional airbags feature for arm massage

This brand has jumped in to compete with other massage chair brands by giving amazing air massage for arms.

Instead of giving U shape arm massage they’ve added the airbags which is capable to give you comfortable massage for your whole arm.

  • Warmth near waist helps to cure back and stomach pain

The producers of massage chairs these days add rollers to provide heat across the back to give a human touch.

Though this massage chair doesn’t have that feature it provides heat around the waist which relaxes muscles and helps to lower down the pain and make the recuperation process easy after exercise.

  • L-Track rollers for full body massage

This feature is added in the massage chair to delicately bolster the body and to provide the BestMassage possible.

The roller is placed in a way that helps to balance the client from neck to buttocks. This design makes sure that each spine decompresses to make the person feel invigorated and comfortable.

  • Zero Gravity Recline position

Zero Gravity feature makes sure that the bodyweight of the user is lightened up to make the person feel weightless during the massage session.

This massage chair consists of 3 customizable massage levels which include a lean back level too to give restorative effect which you can feel very quickly.

  • OPTO Sensory Gadgets

There is a built-in sensor device located in the massage chair to position your body in the most ideal position.

It can detect every part of the body of any body type and size. It makes sure that the client gets an adjustable massage and most relaxing session.

  • Shiatsu foot massage

This type of massage revives the foot and add more power to it. The special rollers are added in footrest to provide a powerful shiatsu massage for feet.

It scratches the feet to improve the wellbeing of a human using reflexology strategies.

  • Massage rollers for scaping

Massage rollers have numerous medical advantages including better circulation of blood, improved immune system, and a positive mentality.

  • Sensors are not appropriate

Regardless of its top-notch features including, waist heat, zero-gravity recline, L track feature this chair has few defects that could be a major issue for the people buying it.

It has an OPTO sensor system that is capable to detect the person’s body measures to give a compelling massage but the rollers which are located around the neck and shoulders never intersects.

  • Insufficient padding

In addition to flaws in OPTO sensors, it has been said by the people using this chair that this chair is unreasonably harsh for some clients.

The users are forced to add an extra cushion on the neck, shoulder, and back part so that they can receive a relaxing and comfortable massage.

This massage chair has been called torture for users because of the absence of pads, quality, and location of rollers. If you are spending a huge amount of money, then you at least expect that a chair gives a comfortable massage.

  • Not beneficial for people above 6 feet or heavy people

The maximum weight limit of this massage chair is 265 pounds, the person above this can’t utilize this chair.

Also, it won’t properly fit people above 6 because of various reasons which include, the feet can reach out till 5 inches only.

  • Strength of Massage

This massage chair delivers a ruthless massage for people using it. Individuals will either cherish this energizing massage or they will find it uneasy.

If you’re a light-weighted weak person then you may discover it excessively harsh. If you like intense strong massages then this chair is best for you, otherwise, you can look for other options that give a gentle and comfortable massage.

Thought the intensity levels are adjustable and customizable but we may suggest you choose another model for delicate massage.

Regardless of the harsh massage this chair provides, we’re told that the users were praising this chair in terms of relaxation and for better sleep.

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