BM-EC06C Review

If you’re searching for a massage chair with some general and some exceptional features, then you would be interested in this one.

It isn’t the best massage chair ever, but it’s solid and does have some attractive features at a low price. It is produced by an unknown brand in China and sold by different sellers.

We’ll closely look at some of the features which will help you to make your decision that whether this BM-EC06c  is the right investment or no.

BestMassage BM-EC06C Review

  • S Track system

This massage chair has some solid features including S Track design located in a way around the rest of the massage chair.

This enables the quad rollers to extend from the tail bone to the lower back. Since this massage chair uses the quad rollers to massage the body, you’ll experience the best quality massage at a cheap price.

  • Neck Massage Feature of BM-EC06c

Apart from the S-Track feature, this massage chair also contains rollers in the head area which is capable to provide neck massage.

It is unsure about medical benefits from this type of massage, but it feels pleasant and is a great addition to this chair.

  • Air Massage function

BM-EC06c contains up to 30 airbags to give you the best compression massage on the targeted areas of the body.

It also contains 20 + airbags near the lower body part for the compression massage of legs, hips, and calf. Compression massage helps to increase the circulation of blood. The intensity levels can be changed as per your needs.

  • Advanced Roller System

The roller system is added in this massage chair which is capable to give the user a customizable massage with real human feel.

These incredible massage rollers provide shiatsu massage sessions, decrease weariness, reduce tension from muscles, and help your mind to relax.

  • Full programmed body scan

The full programmed body scan feature is one of the most important things in any massage chair so we must discuss this feature in detail.

They don’t portray this full-body scan as 3D one but they’re sure trying to copy it. Sadly, they failed in scanning because they are unable to maintain their position and as a result, the rollers are not that effective.

There is no method to correct these blunders, the only option is to adjust the rollers so they can target the parts properly.

  • Rollers for the heat massage

This is one feature that is a unique one and hard to find in other massage chairs of this range. The rollers have inbuilt warmth which provides a heated massage.

This heat has many health benefits too and will make the massage session more comfortable and relaxing.

  • Leaning back ability

The back part of the chair leans back till approximately 170 and the footrest area can be raised from the ground to 80 degrees.

  • Vibration massage

For the massage around the hip and thigh area, the vibration motor combined with airbags is used to provide the best experience to the user.

  • Wrist, hand, and upper arm massage

The whole armrest of this chair contains airbags that provide full compression massage to your hand, arm, and rest. It is also able to cure carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Control Panel

This Best massage chair also has a control panel located on armrest from where you can control the whole menu through buttons. You can choose any program you want on any intensity level.

  • Warranty not given

The item description guarantees that a 1-year warranty will be given. You won’t be able to trigger the warranty clause without contacting the seller, and he has closed all the ways to contact him.

All previous customers who didn’t get the warranty shared their experience in a poor customer service column.

  • The default size of the chair isn’t suitable for all

The people who’re 6 feet tall will face difficulty to use this massage chair. While leaning back, the area of the foot can be adjusted as per the length of the leg but for the rollers to target the points properly, you must bend down the neck and move your body downwards.

The chair is beneficial for people under 5’9 feet tall. Even if the problem of long legs is solved, you’ll face difficulty in the arm area as it is too small for people with huge arms.

Leaning a little backward will probably solve your problem. If you’re still facing this problem, then you can exit the airbag massage feature for arms which in result won’t give you compression massage for arms.

  • Massage Chair is heavy

BM-EC06c is a heavy massage chair and difficult to switch on another side. If you try to do it, you would be needed a massage to decrease the stiffness from muscles.

Setting up this massage chair can be a pain in head because of the language issue, but you don’t have to face this problem on a daily basis.


Though this isn’t the best massage chair, it isn’t that bad either. If you want a massage chair with has all the basic features at a cheap price, then it’s a perfect one.

This chair can’t be compared with other high-priced massage chairs because of limited features.

If you’re looking for a chair with unique and advanced features then this one is of no use, but if you want this for normal massage sessions then you must buy it.

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