Best Osaki Massage Chairs Reviews

Osaki is one of the most famous names in the industry of massage chairs and recliners. So much so that recently they decided to merge two big brands: Osaki and Titan, into the same company.

However, massage recliners made by Osaki are known for their high quality, innovation, rich features, and functions.

What we really liked about Osaki chairs is that these chairs make a statement; they are made for full body massage and not only they mean it, but they prove it as well.

This is a review of the best Osaki massage chairs that you can find on their store or Amazon.

5 Best Osaki Massage Chairs [TOP PICKS]

Osaki OS4000T 

Osaki OS4000T is definitely one of those massagers that everyone dreams to have. For starters, it is a full body massage chair made to provide optimum comfort from head to toe – and it is definitely 100% remote control operated.

Let us take a look at the most prominent features.

Zero Gravity

This is a zero-gravity massage chair. What is the zero-gravity feature?

Well, that is inspired by NASA’s zero-gravity equipment. The concept is clear; when your knees raise higher than your heart not only you enjoy a better blood-flow, but you also feel lighter.

Zero gravity distributes your body weight across the chair and you feel lighter – hence the term zero-gravity.

The best thing about this chair is that you enjoy two zero-gravity positions.

5 Different Automatic Massage Programs

Having this massage chair with you, you can enjoy 5 automatic massage programs and 3 localized massage programs.

The full-body massage programs are as follows:

  • Muscle Relief
  • Thai
  • Stretching (with airbags)
  • Anti-Stress
  • Demo

The localized programs are focused on a particular body-part:

  • Neck & shoulder
  • Back & Lumbar
  • Full Air

Manual Massage Programs

Apart from the auto massage programs and the localized ones, this massage recliner also offers you manual massage programs geared towards a controlled and customized massage.

Take a look:

  • Tapping
  • Clapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Rolling
  • Swedish
  • Kneading

Not only you can choose any of these different types of movements, but you can choose the intensity as well.

Detailed Calf & Foot Massage

If you’ve been into massage chairs and recliners, you must know that sometimes even the best massage recliners happen to overlook the importance of all-inclusive and extensive foot and calf massage.

Luckily, This is not the case with Osaki OS 4000T. This massage recliner comes with 14 airbags in the calf and foot area alone.

The 14 massage airbags cover the sides and backs of both legs and feet. With air-compressing massage these airbags provide comfort and relief to your feet and calves, and right underneath the feet are placed spinning rollers apply pin-point kneading to the feet.

Body Scan Technology

Just like all other full-body massage chairs – full of value-added features – this one also comes with body scan technology.

With only the touch of a button, this chair will get a scan of your spine’s contour and adjust the rollers as per the shape on your spine and body. This means that you get a customized massage tailored to your body’s shape.

Now let us take a look at the cons.

S-track Roller

Now, before we start off explaining why an S-track roller is not as good as an L-track one, let us admit that S-track is still considered a modern roller track and it is better than previous models.

However, with the advent of L-track rollers, we got used to a new type of massage – one that reached farther and deeper. For example, the S-track roller does not address hip bone and upper-legs, but the L-track roller approaches these areas.

Not Really Made for Tall People

Here’s the deal, the massage chairs that are made for taller people have an average height of 60 to 70 inches. This chair does not fall within the range.

Dimensions of this chair are 52 x 34 x 31 inches and as you can see it is fairly short – so definitely not made for taller people – which means they ignored a whole other segment of the market.


  • 2 Positions of Zero Gravity
  • 5 Different Auto-Massage Programs
  • Body Scanning Function
  • Lumbar Heat Massage


  • S-track Roller
  • Not for Tall People

Osaki OS 4D Pro JP Premium 

This is yet another masterpiece from Osaki; like the rest of full-body massagers, this one is also a full-body massage chair with a lot of value-added features.

While it is not as advanced or feature-rich as the previous one, this chair comes with 4D massage rollers and many different massage modes.

Let us take a look at the most prominent features of this massage recliner.

4D Kiwami Mecha Kneading Ball System

Yes, this definitely sounds too much like some Japanese machine, but actually Kiwami Mecha kneading ball system is a system of 4D maneuvering of kneading balls.

With this system, you control the speed and intensity of the massage and you do a lot more than that.

What’s that?

You dictate the massage heads to move in and out as per the nature of a massage that you select for yourself. This means that not only massage heads move in all 4 directions, but they also offer you a more fulfilling and deep massage.

These massage rollers are equipped with 28 different kinds of massage techniques that cover your entire body.

10 Auto Programs

In terms of the number of auto programs, this machine beats all other machines made by Osaki or other manufacturers – well, almost all of them.

Out of 10 auto-programs, there are 5 preset programs as follows:

  • Whole Body Rejuvenate
  • Shoulder Rejuvenate
  • Waist Rejuvenate
  • Whole Body Stretch
  • Whole Body Relax

Remaining 5 auto-programs are actually the same as explained above, but the impact and feeling are totally different because they are used with Kiwami Mecha mode.

Manual Programs

Apart from 10 auto programs, there are many manual programs that a buyer can use. All in all, there are 28 different and customizable massage techniques that you can use to have a manual massage.

Examples of such manual massage programs include:

  • Knead up and down
  • Deep knead up and deep knead down
  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Rubbing
  • Neck Relax
  • Extreme Kneading and tapping
  • Rolling
  • Stretch
  • 3D Kneading and 3D tapping, etc.

3D Body Scanning

Just like all other good massage chairs, this one also has a 3D body scanning system. This system takes a 3D scan of your body, especially your spine, and forms massage rollers as per the shape of your body.

The 3D Point Navigation System is the body scanning technology embedded into this massager. All you need to know is that your spine gets a special massage tailored to its shape.

Heat Massage for Feet

If your feet ache due to daylong routine, you can sit in this chair and use the heat massage for your feet.

With dual therapeutic heating units installed right underneath the feet area, this massage recliner provides you pain-relieving heat and gentle warmth. The area of coverage includes soles and calves.

And here is what you need to know about the cons.

No Zero-Gravity Position

While this massage recliner is almost ideal for having so many functions that other massage chairs miss out on (e.g. heat massage in feet area), it seems to have badly overlooked one of the most important and most common features of a massage chair: zero gravity position.

This massage chair does not have a zero-gravity function and this is a big drawback.

No Heat Massage for Lumbar Area

While it is good that this massage chair provides to its users a very fulfilling heat massage in feet area, it turns out to have ignored the most important area that badly needs a heated massage: the lumbar or lower back.


  • 4D Kiwami Mecha Kneading Ball System
  • Auto & Manual Massage Programs
  • 3D Body Scanning
  • Heat Massage for Feet


  • No Zero-Gravity Position
  • No Heat Massage in Lumbar Area

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro 

If you want a massage recliner that is the winning combination of style, comfort and rich features, Osaki’s OS-Pro Maestro is the recliner to go for.

Let us take a look at the most promising features of this product.

4D SL-Track Rollers

First of all:

You might be wondering as to what is an SL-track roller. You’re right because all other chairs have either S-track rollers or the L-track rollers.

However, this chair comes with a hybrid of S and L-track of rollers. This S-L track reaches deeper and farther as compared to other tracks.

This track’s 4D rollers have a movement track as long as 58 inches. As a matter of fact, these 4D rollers are the same as 3D rollers inasmuch as their movement is also on the same pattern.

However, The difference is their ability to automatically determine and adjust their pace/intensity.

Heated Rollers

The best thing about Osaki OS-Pro Maestro is that its rollers are heated; yes, you might not believe this, but there exists this one chair with heated rollers.

Why is this such a big deal? Because all other chairs have heat panels – moth of them work in the lumbar area and one or two of the massage recliners have heating pads in feet area,

This is one and perhaps the only massager that has heated rollers and why is this such a big deal? Because these rollers move from neck muscles to upper back, mid-back, and lumbar area.

This simply means that you get the best heat massage/therapy along your entire spine and this is a big deal because heat massage works like magic.

8 Auto Programs

Auto massage routines or auto massage programs are a great simple way to choose one of the pre-designed massages and enjoy your 10 to 20+ minutes on a massage chair.

Without having to fuss with this or that manual setting, just throw all your worries out of the window; press a button and enjoy one out of 8 basic expertly designed auto massage programs.

They are as follows:

  • Lady – a massage program made especially for women
  • Gentleman – a massage program made especially for men
  • Relax – a massage program designed to relax your muscles and nerves
  • Scrapping – a massage program in which rollers move from the center of the spine to other regions
  • Swing – a massage program that you enjoy while the chair rocks back and forth
  • Demo – a massage program that gives you a demonstration of all other 7 programs
  • Shiatsu – a Japanese origin massage program known for its holistic massage approach
  • Stretch – a massage program in which airbags are used to hold your arms, hips and legs, and then chair automatically reclines to give your body the feel of a human hands stretch massage

Dual Mechanical Foot Rollers

All good massage chairs have massage rollers in the feet area. However, this massage chair from Osaki has dual mechanical foot rollers.

This means that both rollers, fixed right underneath the feet, roll freely and their spinning provides a good kneading massage to your feet’ soles.

The ottoman is designed so well that you can see how your feet and toes are snug fit right inside it and they do not stick out.

And here’s to the only two cons.

Very Expensive

This should not be a drawback, but let us admit that if you cannot buy a chair (or if a chair is too good for you), it is somehow a drawback.

Eventually, people end up hating the things that they cannot buy.

  • Only One Position of Zero Gravity

While it is good that this chair has this option, because the above-mentioned variant of Osaki does not have it, the problem is that all mediocre massage chairs have at least one position of zero-gravity.

Good ones are those that offer at least 2-3 positions of zero gravity; hence this is considered a big drawback.


  • SL Track & 4D Rollers
  • Heated Rollers
  • 8 Auto Massage Programs
  • Dual Mechanical Foot Rollers


  • Too Pricy
  • Only One Position of Zero Gravity

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer 

If you dream of a massage chair that will do it as a luxurious executive chair as well as the movie watching chair, this is the massager to go for.

It is perhaps one of the few massage recliners that have a plush faux leather finish and a very rich look with all the padding, remote control, and wooden panels used on the sides.

Let’s take a look at its features.

2 Stage Zero Gravity


You know that some versions of the Osaki massage chairs have only one zero gravity mode: one of them, reviewed here, does not have it all and this is really disappointing.

However, this one does not have any such problem. Not only it comes with zero gravity mode, but there are two positions to choose from.

It is always good to have a little room for choice because you can choose between two versions of the same feature.

3D Massage Rollers & Floating Massage Heads

So, these are basically two different things; since they are related to the same area or type, we bracketed them. As far as 3D massage rollers are concerned, all of us know that they are just slightly behind the so-called 4D rollers.

A 3D massage roller moves in a Y shape. As you can see, there are three sides to a “Y” shape; this is what the 3D massage roller does.

Its rollers move from a center point to 3 different directions and then come back; this back and forth movement in 3 dimensions gives you a more relaxing massage.

Floating massage heads keep floating on your spine and keep massaging the points that they know need a massage.

3D Body Scan

Just like many other massage chairs, including Osaki massage recliners, this one also has a 3D body scan technology.

What is a 3D body scan?

Well, its technology based on sensors that virtually map your body as soon as you sit in this chair. The 3D point navigation system gets a scan of your spine and then offers you a massage that is tailored to the unique curves of your spine.

6 Massage Techniques & 5 Levels of Intensity

All in all this massage chair has 6 massage techniques. Let us take a look at all of them:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Swedish
  • Shiatsu
  • And their combinations

Apart from these, there are 5 levels of strength adjustment and 3D rollers also have 6 levels of depth and intensity.

And here is everything about cons.


Unfortunately, like almost all other Osaki massage chairs, this one also has an S-track.

While S-track is still relevant and considered a good option, and while this chair’s track is a second-generation S-track, it is still not as good as L-track.

Heat Therapy Limited to Lumbar

Yes, Lumbar is the area that needs heat therapy mode than any other part of your body, but it does not mean that shoulders, upper arms, legs, and feet cannot use a good heat massage.

Unfortunately, Osaki’s Pro Dreamer does not have heat massage for all other areas.


  • 2 Stage Zero Gravity
  • 3D Massage Rollers and Floating Massage Heads
  • 3D Body Scan
  • 6 Massage Techniques and Various Intensity Settings


  • S-Track
  • Heat Therapy only for Lumbar

Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber 

Just like Pro Dreamer, Pro Cyber is also a feature-rich massage chair from Osaki. Let us take a look at its most promising features.

3D Massage Rollers

As explained above, a 3D massage roller is of Y shape and it moves its rollers in three different dimensions.

Rollers move farther from the starting point and then come back. By doing this, they offer you a deep tissue massage and they disburse the concentration of body fats in a particular area. Body scan helps the roller move according to your spine’s contour.

Two Stages of Zero Gravity

Just like Pro Dreamer, this chair also has a zero-gravity mode with two different positions. Since zero gravity is all about evenly distributing one’s body weight and boosting blood-flow, having the option to choose from two different positions makes it easier for the user to choose the more comfortable position.

Heat Therapy for Lumbar Area

A little disappointing, because it is not available to other areas, but having heat therapy for the lumbar area is still a winner.

Why? It is because the lumbar area is the one that needs a heated massage the most.

Twist and Squeeze Massage

In this massage chair, are installed 36 airbags that inflate and provide you air compression massage in different areas.

One of the massages that are associated with airbags is the twist and squeeze massage. The airbags hold your body, twist, squeeze, and knead it by 9 different massage techniques.

In the end, you get a massage closer to the human touch and the manual massage that you get from an experienced massage therapist.

And here are the cons.

Control Panel is Hard to Read

These chairs should be appreciated for very detailed control panels, but at the same time, those control panels are a little disappointing because writing on them is pretty smaller than usual and they are hard to read in direct sunlight.

Heat Massage only for Lumbar

This is an old issue with all those massage recliners that limit the heat massage to the lumbar area and not offer the same for shoulders, upper back, hips, and legs and feet.


  • 3D Massage Rollers
  • Two Stages of Zero Gravity
  • Heat Therapy for Lumbar Area
  • Twist and Squeeze Massage


  • Hard to Read Control Panel
  • Heat Massage only for Lumbar

Our Verdict

Before we tell you which one of them is best, as per our honest understanding and review, here is a table to help you make a wild guess.

Based on this table, here is the best Osaki Massage Chair

  • OS-3D Pro Dreamer – because of the 3D roller, floating massage heads, 2 stages of zero gravity and more options for foot and calves massage

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