Best Massage Therapy For Headaches

Eliminating soreness is the best way to relieve headaches. If you don’t exercise your body’s muscles, your blood circulation will get worse and cause painful symptoms. Of course, headaches are no are some best ways to get relief from headaches.

Headache Acupressure Technique

19 biologically active points are used to relieve headaches and prevent migraine attacks. The points needed to relieve a headache are located on the head, arms, and legs, as well as in the abdomen.

The best result is achieved if you do a full massage, that is, alternately press on all biologically active points. However, it is also possible to massage individual points located on one or another organ.

To relieve headaches, sedatives are most often used and, in some cases, tonic. Symmetrically located biologically active points should be massaged simultaneously, while you can close your eyes.

When performing acupressure, the duration of exposure to each point on average should be about 5 minutes.

Pain in the Temporal-Frontal Area

Pain in the forehead and temples most often become a manifestation of overwork, circulatory disorders (osteochondrosis of the cervical spine), intestinal disorders, and other causes.

You Can Get Rid of the Pain by the Following:

Symmetrically pressing on the points on the forehead, located above the middle of the eyebrows, at an equal distance from the scalp and upper areas of the eyebrows.

The massage begins with soft strokes, which gradually turn into pressure and simultaneously massage points in a clockwise direction. Pressing is done with three fingers on each side for 5 minutes.

We find the active point on the crown located at the conditional intersection of the midline of the head and the line connecting the tops of the ears.

4 more active points are located at a distance of two folded fingers above, below, to the right and to the left of the main point. It is desirable to press on all 5 points at the same time for 3-5 seconds for 5 minutes.

Massaging hollows on the temples for 3 minutes.

Headache Treatment Without Medication

To get rid of a headache, many immediately rush to analgesics. However, medications only dull the perception of pain, not eliminating its cause. In addition, there are more and more supporters who prefer alternative ways to alleviate headaches.

Acupuncture (acupuncture), which helps to relieve stress, relaxation, autogenic training, yoga, etc., are used to treat non-drug means for the headache. It is used for the purpose of prevention or as an effective alternative therapy.

For therapeutic purposes, it is performed by specialists in clinics and physiotherapy rooms, but self-massage can be performed at home by yourself. Although the headache is felt in the head, its source is often muscle tension and body stiffness.

Massage helps to relieve tension from the muscles that pinch the vessels supplying blood to the brain: this will relieve the heaviness in the head.

If the massage is performed every day and at the first symptoms of headache, it will soon be possible to forget about it.

Self-massage, which you yourself do, is, of course, the use of simplified methods of classical massage. However, it has its advantage: its sessions can be held at any time and in any place.

Having mastered the simple techniques of self-massage, you can find a great remedy that helps with exacerbations of many diseases, including headaches and even intractable migraines.


So, these are the best massage techniques for headache relief. If you press and hold these pressure points efficiently, you will definitely feel relax from headaches within minutes.

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