Best Face Massage For Wrinkles

If your face looks dull, stressed out, and dreary then facial massage can be a very good option. 🙂

It can be relieving, relaxing, perfect, and can provide the utmost stress relief. Facial massage also plays a vital role for younger-looking skin and fresh face.

Benefits of Facial Massage

Every time you try to express your feelings through facial expressions, it’s the muscles who work harder on the backend to express it.

The more use of muscles makes the face more tensed. Facial massage can make the tensed facial muscles to be relaxed by relieving the stress around cheeks, mouth, eyebrows, and lips.

If your facial skin is looking dry and dull, facial massage can solve this problem by increasing the circulation.

It will improve the blood and oxygen flow through the face which will lead to a chubby, stressed free face, and will improve coloration.

Facial massage can also help in a facelift. It can help to bring oxygen to the part of the face which is damaged by wrinkles. It will increase collagen production will lead to a lifting effect on your face.

Facial Massage Techniques

These steps of facial massage will help to eliminate all the toxins and bacteria from your facial skin. These will reduce the puffiness and improve the outline of the face.

The hand movements of parts of your face, collarbone, and neck will also lead to the improved blood circulation of oxygen and blood.

Which will result in your face to glow and will provide relaxation. First, you must clean your whole face with a cleanser. One your face is cleaned, rub the moisturizer on palms until its warm enough and then apply on your whole face.


Take your moisturized fingers and tap on your collarbone for a few seconds


Place your hands in a way that your knuckles are touching your jawline. Drift your knuckles down to your neck and move it to collarbone for 30 seconds.


Structure your hands in the shape of a scissor and keep your fingers in the way that 2 of the fingers are in the front of your ears and 2 of it are at the back.

Continue movements of your fingers from the jawline to chin and repeat it for 20-30 times.

Under eyes

Make a fist and place your knuckles under your eyes touching your nose. Move your fist circular wise towards your sanctuaries and continue it for 10-30 times.


Assemble your fingers in a fist and place your knuckles on your forehead. Continue the movement in a way that your fingers are touching your forehead too for a delicate touch.

These steps will just take 5 mins of your day and will help you look a lot younger 😉

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