BeautyHealth Massage Chairs Review

Beauty Health is a generally obscure brand that makes pocket-friendly massage chairs. The question which the customers raise is that if they should spend 1000’s of $ to buy this unknown brand. Maybe it can be the right choice!

There are some complaints regarding Beauty Health brand from the customers who’ve bought this product before that the brand defaults its guarantee and their customer service isn’t that worthy.

That doesn’t mean that this is a worthless brand. Some customers have acclaimed the wellness of Beauty Health massage chairs. If you’re not aware of the best massage chairs of the Beauty Health company, then you should give this article a look.

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss 5 of the best Beauty Health massage chairs. We’ll go through with all the features of discussed models with different price ranges.

BeautyHealth Massage Chair Reviews [Top Picks]

Beauty Health BC 11D Massage Chair

You can find Beauty Health massage chairs in every price range, but for the full value of your money, you’ll need to look at the Beauty Health BC 11D massage chair.

This massage chair is pocket-friendly and will cost less than $$$. The features which this massage chair contains are difficult to find in the massage chairs costing $$$ plus.

It has all the features which a customer demands including 80 + airbags, full-body scan system, Zero Gravity recline position, flowing armrest, etc.

Beauty Health BC 07D Massage Chair

With the likes of Beauty Health BC 11D massage chair, this BC 07D is also pocket-friendly with many features that customer demand. It costs nearly $$$ dollars and, in this price, range features which this massage chair is giving is hard to find even in $$$.

Though there are some good things about this massage chair, there are a couple of disadvantages too which we should investigate. This Beauty Health BC 07D has the capability to perform full body massage, and for that, they contain quad rollers for the back area too.

They’re capable to perform leg and arm massage too. The airbags present in the chair can compress and decompress for compression massage. For the massage below the feet, they use spinning rollers.

At the cost, the features given by Beauty Health brand are convincing, but we think that BC 070 is somewhat obsolete as compared to other massage chairs at the same price.

Beauty Health Massage Chair BC 10D

The Beauty Health massage chairs we’ve discussed in this article before, not a single chair is targeting the full-arm massage, rather they’re focusing forearm massage.

The brand has shown the concern regarding this issue by adding an additional feature of full-arm massagers of 16-inch height. It is one of the costliest massage chairs which is simply over $1500 Dollars.

Furthermore, the BC 10D contains built-in warming pads, movable foot rollers, 70 airbags, 5 different massage modes with 6 programs and a full-body checking feature.

Beauty Health BC Supreme-I

This Beauty Health Supreme I massage chair is one of the most elegant massage chairs in this brand. Beauty Health has offered all the features they can in this one chair. Some features are old ones, some new features are additionally added.

Their motive is to keep full focus on the features there are targeting rather than trying to do everything and end up failing in all.

The primary thing you’ll notice is the pressing button in the menu bar on the armrest, which is quite old, nowadays the massage chair has a touchscreen LCD menu. The look of this massage is showing a smooth current style look.

Beauty Health BC Ultra Infrared

This Beauty Health BC Ultra Infrared massage chair is specially designed for the people suffering from headaches and chronic pain.

On the top part of the chair, they have provided you a headband that you can fold over your head. When the chair is activated, the headband will tenderly rub your head which will in result press the acupressure points situated on the skull area as soon as the band is compressed.

Another massage chair which has the same feature is Osaki OS 7075R, but the major difference is of cost between both chairs. Osaki one will cost you nearly $$$ dollars whereas this Beauty Health massage chair will cost you for only $$ dollars.

You can save $$ dollars in just seconds. If your fundamental priority is head massaging, then this BC Ultra might be the best value for your money.

Final Words

As you have seen the reviews above about 5 different Beauty Health massage chairs, these chairs are powerful and can benefit you to the extreme level.

They are good, but their technology is quite old that is the reason they can’t be called the best massage chairs.

The use of first-generation products makes them pocket-friendly for the customers. They provide a better performance, of course not better than 2nd generation products which are used in massage chairs nowadays.

Beauty Health brand has made the appearance of chairs as their main priority rather than the inner features. This makes their product look good but performance wise its average.

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