Are Massage Chairs Safe During Pregnancy

Pampering your body with massage is the ultimate way of relaxation. Massage can help treat various health-related issues. When a woman gets pregnant, a massage can be magical!

However, many females come with the question that is it okay to get a massage on massage chairs during pregnancy?

The answer to the question is most often mixed. There are various benefits and potential risks associated with massage chairs during pregnancy.

How Are Massage Chairs Advantageous During Pregnancy?

Any person who had experienced the massage can tell the potential benefits associated with the massage chairs and how these chairs are right for the health of pregnant women.

Pregnant women, when they get tired and are stressed out, can have these chairs to relax their body.  If you are pregnant and are thinking to use massage chairs, then following are the benefits you will get:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety

Many doctors advise pregnant women to have a massage is due to its potential benefit of lower stress. Prenatal massage helps control the aggression provoking hormones in the body, which will ultimately lead to a lower level of stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • Fewer chances of postpartum depression

As many of the women get postpartum depression, but research has shown that massage can prevent the chances of postnatal depression.

  • Relief for back and leg pain

The most prominent benefit of massage chairs us that they provide pregnant women with the relief to their leg and backache.

The pain may arise due to the growing uterus, which requires much space and hence puts pressure on the body. Massage chairs help in increasing the blood circulation in the body and therefore helps in relieving the pain.

  • Less need for medication

Massage chairs are a great source of exercise and relaxation to the body; hence, pregnant women stay healthy. It leads to lower chances of getting ill and seeking medicines.

  • Shortens labor

If a pregnant woman does not have any complications, then massages can be helpful in reducing labor.

The massage chair eases the female to go by her delivery period with ease. Moreover, it shortens the labor duration by 3 hours approximately.

Precautionary measure to take before getting a massage

The pregnancy time is a compassionate one in the life of a female. A Female’s body undergoes various hormonal changes and emotional changes as well.

There are numerous health conditions that do not allow expectant moms to have massage chairs.

  • The pregnant women, who are under their first trimester, should altogether avoid massage chairs. The first three months are critical during pregnancy; therefore, females need to be more careful during this time.
  • Do not go over 20-25 minutes on a massage chair.
  • If there is any history of miscarriage, then massage chairs are not your thing.
  • If a doctor has prescribed you to be careful and if there are any complications, then you should avoid these chairs.
  • If you are overweight and having difficulty adjusting, then avoid it.

So, a massage chair can be helpful to a greater extent, but there are fewer potential risks associated with them. Therefore, it is always advisable for pregnant women to consult with their doctor before using massage chairs.

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